Are you listening?

Stop everything and concentrate.

What can you hear?

Your inner voice always tries to communicate with you. This voice is your friend. The most loyal and true friend you will ever have.

It lives in the pit of your stomach, advising us to do something or not to do something. To approach someone or avoid them. To stay or to flee. And so much more. It knows what’s best for you and constantly has your best interests at heart. It seeks to watch over you, protect and guide you.

Its purpose…

To preserve your interests and wellbeing.

But sometimes we don’t hear it. This can be unintentional or deliberate.

We can forget it is there, its guiding voice nearly drowned out by the hustle and bustle and stresses of life. We have to work long hours or study; raise families; maintain relationships; nurture friendships; shop; socialise etc. There doesn’t seem to be a moment alone to savour for yourself, let alone time to acknowledge and listen to your intuition. It can be in constant danger of life getting in the way.

Other times we intentionally put it on mute, not wanting to hear to truth of what it has to say. The truth can be just too inconvenient or not what we want to acknowledge at that particular time. Or we can deliberately silence it, opting to follow other people’s advice and suggestions, believing them to be wiser in what is best for us. That way, we can also blame others, if things end up going wrong. We surrender our ability to think independently and take control of our lives.

It can seem easier just to ignore your intuition. I know, I’ve done it on multiple occasions. And most of the time I have done this (whether personally ignoring it or seeking to follow other people’s suggestions), I have ended up regretting it. Some a lot more than others. A few I still kick myself over years later. Some have had major repercussions and have caused disastrously negative periods within my life.





Do not ignore it, especially when that voice resounds stronger within you. It is trying to grab your attention.   The person who ultimately knows what is best for you, is YOU. To refuse to trust your intuition, is to surrender your power.

You deny yourself the answers you hold within.

And yes, that inner voice can sometimes it can seem like paranoia, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Your intuition wants to give you the life that you deserve. Let it help you to prevent negative scenarios rather than help you seek a cure.

Go with your gut.

Get in touch with your inner voice.


And let your intuition do its job.