I’m sure we’ve all at some point been there before:

Happy girl

‘A’ is more attractive than me.

‘B’ makes more money than me.

‘C’ has a better job than me.

‘D’ got higher grades than me.

‘E’ is going on holiday.

‘F’ is in a relationship.

‘G’ has kids and a loving family.

‘H’ owns a marvellous huge house.

There are plenty more than this, more to go through the entire English alphabet and more! But what does this do? It ends up putting ourselves in a funk, negative and down on our lives.

But that is a warped view, isn’t it? Are you seriously telling me that your situation is so dire that you are right at the bottom of the proverbial ladder?


I thought not. Nevertheless it is easy to slip into this mindset, and I confess, I have been guilty of feeling sorry for myself on occasion.

However, taking an objective standpoint (and not using other people’s misfortunes to make yourself feel better!) there are always those less fortunate than us and going through tougher situations.

Those who would love to complain about what you are moaning about right now!

Those who are:

  •  homeless;
  • trying to survive in war-torn countries;
  • dying of thirst or starvation;
  •  subject to slavery;
  •  suffering from major illnesses or debilitating diseases; or
  •   denied basic human rights and freedoms.

I’m sure you can think of others. Yet it is remarkably interesting that it is those who are in the worst of predicaments who are the most appreciative of life and thankful for the good things that they have. We should definitely take a leaf out of their book.

So, why should we be grateful? (No negatives here!)

1. You’re alive

For starters, you are alive. You heart is still beating and you have experienced yet another dusk and dawn (and hopefully many, many more!). You have the opportunity to utilise your days to experience the many things life has to offer.

2. You have a job

No matter whether you love your job or not, it enables you to make money and help to pay the bills. It also helps you to get of the house or flat etc.; enter a different environment; develop skills and socialise with people.

3. And for those in particular who are not in employment – You have time to breathe

You have an opportunity to blissfully escape the rat race for a period, and have time to really think about yourself, and what direction you really want to head in. You have the opportunity to (re)discover hobbies and explore your passions and interests. Make the most of it!

4. You have family and friends

You have a unit that you can talk to, go out with, confide in, and encourage you go on to better things! They are there in times of joy and in times of sorrow. The truest of them should definitely be treasured!

5. You have your health

You are healthy in mind, body and spirit. You have all your faculties and are able to get out and about. Even if your health is limited, you are still able to do some things and enjoy life as best as you can. If your health has deteriorated, you can be grateful for having the opportunity to experience good health before the decline, and try (if possible) to make a full recovery.

6. You have your senses

You have (or have some of) the senses of touch, sight, sound, taste and smell. You are able to touch sand and feel it fall between your fingers; see the shore and smell the sea tinged with salt; hear the birds chirping and taste delicious food. Never take these for granted – our experiences would be poorer without them.


So remember, there are things to be grateful for in every situation, just like in the song ‘Ain’t got no/I got life’ by Nina Simone. It’s definitely worth listening to if you ever feel miserable about your predicament. Even the tiniest of things we can be thankful for.

So, what are you grateful for??


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