It’s YOURS by the way.

It is your life. Live it your way!

This may seem like a really dumb question. But it is all too easy to forget.

Shall I let you in on a secret? Sometimes I feel like I’m beholden to other Lords and Masters. Those who feel like they know what is best for me.

On many occasions I have felt myself lured to the wrong side. I have wasted years of my life on this wrong side.

The easier side.

The more logical side.

Yet the side anathema to my true character.

It was not what I truly desired. I ventured many leagues down that seductive yet abhorrent path until I ran screaming for the hills. It was not me.

It will NEVER be me.

I want the comfort of knowing that my life is the one I have chosen freely for myself. Mistakes and successes I will be responsible for.
I am getting stronger now and becoming more a master of my own mind and destiny, but even though the pull is still there, it is fainter.

Logic is an easier route (like a career which brings in more money and security); but to dare to follow your dream, in spite of people’s opinions, the amount of work it will take and the years of hard graft to achieve it, takes true courage and determination.

And a sense of mission.

After all, when you are dying, wouldn’t you rather be content that you had at least given it your best shot at fulfilling your dreams (even if you had failed) instead of being full of regret for not trying?

I know I would! And so probably would you.

Some people might have mapped your life out for you, like you are some master plan they are bringing to fruition. Indeed, they seek to reap all the praise and glory! Some try to mould you into their own image – you are not a clone! Some just have your best interests at heart and merely seek to offer advice.

But there is a thin line between offering advice and downright meddling.

Don’t let others flirt with this line and divert you from the life you truly want to lead. Don’t let others dictate your life. Don’t let them trick or bully or manipulate you onto a path you were never meant to follow.

Yes people might be angry, yes they might feel disappointed, yes they might criticise your plans as being nothing more than a pipe dream, but you owe it to yourself to at least try!

Don’t lose sight of your goals and the passion that flares brightly in your soul. Don’t let others dampen or extinguish it. Your dreams are there to burn intensely, not be reduced to embers.

Kindle that flame.

Your true path may be unknown and intimidating and overwhelming, but it is your path to tread.

Nobody else’s.

Your path becomes more unique and inspiring each step you take.

And if you can do it, others can too!

Feel that burning desire lead you like a beacon to your destination. And, in turn, become beacons for others to inspire them to tread their own path.

If you are living someone else’s life, STOP NOW!! Reconnect with that humming in your heart. Can you hear it??? What buried dream is it trying to make you remember?

Listen closely.

It’s time to live and see just what exactly you can accomplish – GREAT AND HAPPY THINGS!

You only have one life. Don’t live it in shadow. Live it in bright sunlight.


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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