Is the vampire a loved one, relative or a friend?

Who Is The Vampire?

If yes, tell the vampire in a nice yet assertive way how it comes across and how it makes you feel. Sometimes the vampire may not in fact be aware of its effect on others. Try to ascertain (sensitively!) whether there is an underlying cause which has triggered this vampirism.

Then stand back and assess the situation.  Is the vampire genuinely trying to make a change? If yes, GREAT!  If the creature of negativity continues regardless, then you might want to consider whether it is best to maintain this unhealthy relationship and walk away. Change has to come from within to be successful.

Is the vampire an acquaintance?

This is the easiest to remedy. If you do not know the vampire well and it is constantly negative and having adverse impacts on your energy (despite having conversations about the issue) then it is probably best to cut ties. I used to have these sort of relationships linger on for fear of seeming rude.


Life is too short to be miserable for politeness’ sake.

Is the vampire a boss or a co-worker?

This is trickier. The workplace is stressful enough without others making the situation worse. Be polite yet assertive. You don’t want to be rude but you don’t want others to trample over you either. A happy medium must be struck.

Even if the vampires genuinely want to change, you have to protect yourself in the meantime…

VISUALISATION TECHNIQUE FOR DEALING WITH VAMPIRES – Imagine a protective forcefield that fits your body as snug as a glove and fills you with perfect serenity. It deflects negativity from every angle, making it impossible for negativity to drain your energy. Ensure it is always up and working.

And finally…

If the vampire is YOURSELF…

Be conscious of your behaviour and actions, and in particular how it affects others. You need to transform doomy and gloomy into positive and upbeat. Think the glass is not half empty, but rather half full! This might prove difficult at first but keep on practising and it will become a lot easier. If it is the stresses of life which has turned you into a vampire, find an effective outlet, working out your frustrations at the gym or a physical activity rather than unleashing it on others. Try affirmations to alter your perspective or even meditation.

VISULATION TECHNIQUE FOR DEALING WITH SELF-VAMPIRES – Imagine beams of pure light penetrating your body from the top of your head. This light causes you to be happy, calm and positive. This light rids your body and mind of negativity by expelling that negativity through the feet in serpent like smoke which dissipates in the atmosphere.

The best of luck!

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Credits: Picture by Vincenzo Davide Martella

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