Well?The Emotional Vampire

Do you know the different types of emotional vampire?

Are you in fact one of them?

Let’s look at them now…

The perpetual victim

This vampire is unfortunately one of the most draining. There is always some turmoil occurring in its life and it plays the starring role. Drama follows it at every turn and what is worse they want to make its drama your drama. It constantly needs your validation. You are a nice person (of course!), but just the thought of listening to its constant complaining gives you a headache and fills you with absolute dread. You have tried to help it on many occasions but to no avail – it does not want it. It thrives on self-pity and being pitied.

The controlling lord

It is their way or the highway! This vampire must dictate everything you do. It presumes to know exactly what is right and best for you and constantly seeks to assert his/her will. It stifles you and it seems like you cannot breathe without their authority. This creature will have an opinion on everything and woe betide you if you disagree!

The criticizer

This vampire is the most soul destroying. It is never as happy as when they putting you down for something. Its criticism of you is as fervent as a prayer. This creature of negativity loves to find fault with everything from your hair and dress to your opinions on a subject. It trivializes your serious issues. Nothing feels as sweet to this vampire as belittling you, making you feel inferior and worthless.

The narcissist

This creature is (to itself) the centre of the universe! The planets and stars revolve around it and angels sing its praises! This vampire constantly talks about itself, its achievements and cares little for the opinions of others, making you feel like a distant afterthought. Its sense of self-importance is so inflated that it believes it could rule the world. It bases its relationship with you on what you can do for it, and it wants your admiration and unwavering support.

The incessant talker

We all know the genuinely friendly chatterboxes. It is not these that I am describing here. I am talking about the creature of negativity that constantly talks without a care for the person on the receiving end, refuses to grace them with a chance to reply, and if they are lucky to reply, either talks them down or talks over them. You are trapped and cannot get away until it is ready to end the brutal conversation. The result: the prey feels exhausted, battered and insignificant.


So we’ve identified them – great!

How many do you know??

How can we defend ourselves against them? And more importantly, what can we do if the vampire is yourself?

We’ll see in Part 3


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Credits: Picture by Vincenzo Davide Martella

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