Your head is banging.

No sexy creature of the night for you - I'm talking about the toxic creature of negativity!!

You clumsily fumble for the aspirin.

You feel drained. Anaemic.

Your lifeforce has been mercilessly and relentlessly sucked from you.

What’s happened?

You’ve encountered a vampire and unfortunately for you not the attractive sort.

No sexy creature of the night.

No easy-on-the-eye Klaus, Elijah or Marcel from ‘The Originals’ or even Dracula for you! No situation where you offer (or consider offering) your blood willingly (though I’ve never understood the appeal myself!) in some sort of seduction.

You’re not that lucky!

I’m talking about a toxic person who you have had the misfortune to meet.

A true creature of the negative.

A friend? A relative? A partner or spouse? A colleague? A boss maybe?

Maybe they are always negative. Maybe they don’t intend to be. Maybe they enjoy putting you down. Maybe there is always some sort of drama occurring in their lives.

Each draining blast comes in waves.


It becomes unbearable. You’re trapped like a rabbit caught in a snare. You want to run for the hills, break this awful connection, but you find you can’t. You can’t possibly seem rude, or uncaring and you definitely don’t want them to know that they have rattled you so you put up with it, foolishly defiant to the end. I’ve been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt. And I tell you, the only person I ended up hurting was…

you guessed it…


So stop the madness! You really don’t need to tolerate this emotional drama – it is extremely unhealthy and highly parasitic. Don’t allow others to feed off of you – you are not a meal! After all:

Feed on me once, shame on you. Feed on me multiple times is just unacceptable and outrageous – SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

So how can you avoid these toxic creatures of the negative?

Mental cunning perhaps?

You can work on improving your heightened observation and reflexes so that you can duck and hide before they see you; you can exercise the power of your mind by tuning out the phone ringing when they call; or even develop your imagination by having a few inventive (yet perfectly plausible!) apologetic excuses in your arsenal as to why you can’t possibly meet them at this moment in time.

But you have to agree, this type of self-preservation is A LOT of hard work, not to mention riddled with lying and deviousness. Mendacity is not a desirable trait and we don’t want to feel awful or lose our self-integrity afterwards.

So is there another way?

Of course!

More than one actually. But it really does depend on the type of vampire you are encountering.

Can you identify the different types? Could you spot them at a thousand paces??

It’s time to put the mental armour on.

Defend yourselves…

Click here for Part 2


Credits: Picture by Vincenzo Davide Martella

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