It’s that time of year again.You are your perfect date!

That time that you either absolutely adore, when you can show off your partner to the world and your devotion to each other, celebrating on a romantic date.

Or it could be that time that you dread.

Does it make you miserable, the poignant reminder lancing through you that you have no lover? Do you want to shut yourself away in a hole until the whole charade is over and remerge on the 15th February?

If you fall into this latter category, fear not…


I, for one, am pretty much used to it. Don’t despair. Waiting for a true treasure, truly worthy and deserving of your attentions, takes time.

But what should you do in the mean time?

Pretend to be indifferent?

There’s no need…

You have a date. A wonderful, gorgeous and sexy date! Do you want to know who it is?


Here’s what you have to do.

Walk to a mirror. Gaze at the lovely reflection staring back at you.


You are your perfect date. After all, no one knows what makes you happy and gives you pleasure more than yourself. You don’t need someone else or a special day to remind you of that. Valentine ’s Day to celebrate love for yourself should happen every day of the year!!

So now you’ve found the perfect date (yourself), what should you do?

Here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Go to the cinema. Maybe see ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (ooh la la!!)? Get there early and grab yourself the best seat!

2. Go to the theatre. What have you been longing to see but haven’t got around to?

3. Dine in a fancy restaurant. Who cares if it’s a table for one?? Bring out the wine or champagne, the starters, main and desert. Treat yourself like the King or Queen you are!

4. Attend a music concert.

5. Pamper yourself in a relaxing spa.

Or failing that…


So what will you do this Valentine’s Day? Feel free to leave your comments below or on one of my Social Media Pages.

Have a truly special day!!


Credits: Picture by Jo Millington

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