The Unknown Is A Wise Teacher…

Today is the UK General Election. On this exciting day, millions of people flock to the polling stations (if they haven’t voted already), casting their votes to decide the next UK government. It will be closely contested – it is not immediately apparent which political party will emerge victorious to form a government. In a nutshell, the outcome is far from set in stone…



Person looking out on a foggy lake

It is mired in uncertainty.

Naturally, this got me thinking. Is uncertainty a good thing? And how do we cope with it?

Have you experienced periods of uncertainty? It can feel so uncomfortable and like you are in dangerous and completely alien territory. Perhaps you have lost your job or are facing the possibility of redundancy; receiving little or no income; been afflicted with a sudden and devastating illness; be awaiting examination results that you feel will dictate your future? I’m sure you can think of others. If you are someone who likes to plan meticulously, the crippling emotional effects of the unknown can be magnified to devastating proportions.

The feeling can become unbearable.

Like being plunged into impenetrable fog and grappling for a way out. Panic, and you can stumble and fall. Panicking is an exercise in futility – it is a waste of perfectly good energy.



As someone who is going through upheaval during this turning stage of my life, I can definitely relate. However, embracing the situation has given me strength, because it has helped me to emerge from the comfortable cocoon I had set for myself and learn some invaluable skills in my quest for my own personal development. Life’s ways are transient and nothing remains the same anyway. Uncertainty moulds and fashions us into stronger and wiser mortals. I have realised that progression, even from unexpected methods, is still a blessing.

Uncertainty is a wise teacher:

  • It helps us to be flexible and go with the flow. It teaches us to be like water, graceful and ever moving.
  • It helps us to let go of situations beyond our control and direct our energies towards that which we can influence.
  • It teaches us to live fully in the moment.
  • It teaches us to step back and embrace change.
  • It teaches us to appreciate the moments when things go right for us and according to script.
  • It strengthens and provides us with much needed stamina, so that we will remain stoic and standing, should that proverbial rug ever again get pulled from under our feet.

Eventually that dense fog that enshrouds you will recede.

Have faith.

And be ready to step into the light…

Credits: Picture by Sam Ciurd

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