So, from reading Part 1, have you spotted any mistakes?

New Year Fireworks

1. Wanting to change for others

This is futile and attempts for this reason usually just ends in frustration, guilt and feelings of failure.


As much as we love others who we are trying to change for, it is just not enough incentive.

In order to truly change, you must genuinely want to change yourself. Your whole being must want to make the shift. Your heart must yearn for the transformation into a butterfly. This yearning kindles your motivation and courage and keeps you going strong.

You are the only person you need to prove something to. Measure your change by monitoring just how far you have progressed since yesterday, last week or even month. Once you do this, and are committed to improving your circumstances, the world is your oyster. Nothing can stop you!

REMEMBER: Genuine change comes from within, not from trying to satisfy others.

2. Only making superficial preparations

Now, I want to expressly state, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best at New Years. Yes, I will continue to do my beauty regime. We all want to enter a New Year looking and feeling fabulous! This is fine, as long as that isn’t the only preparation we are making for ourselves to welcome in the New Year. Mental preparation is vital for maintaining a resolution. Take a few moments by yourself to really examine your present situation and where you would like to be next year. Would you like:

  •  more money or a higher salary?
  • a better career?
  • a satisfying relationship?
  • to be happy etc.?

If so, what mental adaptions will you have to make to achieve it?

REMEMBER: internal mental preparations is vital for change.

Which leads nicely into…

3. Excuses, Excuses!

When you start your resolutions in earnest, make sure you are disciplined and motivated. Don’t just think about them, write them down to make more tangible and real. Write down daily steps as to how you will go about accomplishing them. Willpower goes a very long way and is a key ingredient in consistency! If this begins to wane, you will start to find reasons as to why something cannot be done today (however good the reason at the time!) and then this rolls into two days, a week, a month and then…nothing. Try initially working towards your goal each day for 21 days. Once this is achieved, you should have created a habit and an effective routine to successfully pursue your goal.

Keep going – you can do it!!

REMEMBER: small and consistent is better than grand and sporadic.

4. Waiting for that magical date

I am excited now that the New Year beckons, but I won’t let it dictate my actions anymore. Life is far too short and precious to be wasting valuable time in a state of inertia. To wait for New Year is to throw away days and weeks that you will never get back. It is a depressing fact, but each day that goes by is one less that you have to live.

So why not start now?

You make your own luck and that starts with making a change as soon as possible. After all, wouldn’t you want to spend more time in your improved situation than your present one? I know I would! Take charge of your life don’t let a particular date dictate how soon that should happen.

If necessary, use the lead up to the New Year making preparations and making small steps to realising your goals, so that by the time the New Year arrives, your transformation is not so much a shock to your system.

REMEMBER: the magic starts the moment you earnestly decide and make steps to change, not when a particular date arrives.

Can you think of anything else? If so, please leave a comment – I would love to hear from you!


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