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When it comes to it, I’m not a big fan. At all.

It doesn’t float my boat.

It’s hard, sweaty and reduces you to looking like a hot mess!

To be absolutely honest, I’d much rather be eating something delicious or have my head buried in an engrossing book, than put my body through such a gruelling process.

I did some today though – Shaun T’s T-25. It’s hard-going, but at least I know that in less than half an hour I am finished.


And free to continue my activities without the thought of it looming over my head like an axe for the rest of the day.

If only there was an easy, pleasurable way to keep fit, trim and healthy without the inconvenience of having to exert yourself physically?

Over and over and over and over…

Unfortunately there isn’t.

There’s no quick fix. There’s no gain without pain.

And there is an obvious correlation – the more exercise you do, the better effects it has.

So can you really be whining about how you look, how unfit you are or how much weight you have put on (not caused by illness) if you can’t be bothered to do anything about it and improve your situation?

The answer is no.

So what is the problem with exercise?

The more I do, the more I realise that it’s okay once you begin. It’s just getting in that mindset or zone to start. That’s the killer! Then it’s maintaining a high-performance throughout. No slacking or half-hearted attempts allowed! The more you get into your groove and undertake it more often and regularly, the more tolerant it becomes.

I’m hoping that for me, it even becomes pleasurable (keeping my fingers crossed)!

I’m not there yet, however, but that won’t stop me from persevering. I’m determined to get as fit as possible. No longer will I fantasize about my future increased levels of fitness and a slimmer me, only to give up when I realise just how much work and dedication it will entail.

Persevering with exercise holds such immense power.

I mean, after the torture is ended, you feel more refreshed and revived, and proud. Proud that you stuck to your guns and were disciplined and motivated enough to see it through. Pat yourself on the back! You don’t feel guilty for inventing some convoluted reason for your sedentary day.

You witness the effects on the outside as well as within.

Your body becomes more supple, toned and trimmed. Your stamina increases. Your skin has a more radiant glow.

The inside effects are even more beneficial. Regular exercise helps you to become more alert and feel happier and more relaxed. It also instils in you a sense of discipline and motivation to succeed.

For if you can succeed in this, then what else can you succeed in?

The possibilities are endless.

Perseverance with exercise can create a domino effect, trickling into every part of life. It helps you to establish goals and see them through. It motivates you to acknowledge your progress and inspires you to do more, giving your all. That quality you will possess can help to improve your family life, work life, and even manifest dreams of what you could become into reality. It aids in the understanding that what we can achieve resides entirely within us.

Within you.

So when you’re feeling down-in-the-dumps, lazy and just can’t possibly be bothered to do any, think of the end-game. Also consider: what else should you be doing which you can’t be bothered with, and to what extent is it having an adverse impact on your life?

Perseverance is like a powerful muscle. The more you exercise it with it the stronger it gets.

Just like you and exercise!

It will become easier in time, much less of a depressing, inconvenient, dull chore. How long that process takes, depends on you.

So persevere with exercise and exercise that perseverance muscle!

Keep active and feel the power!


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