Story Corner: Traveller (A Poem)

I love to travel,

I really like to be

In faraway lands,

Where I can see


Different cultures and

Different faces with

Different outlooks

In different places.


I don’t feel trapped,

Or stressed, or old,

But young and vibrant,

Jubilant and bold.


It makes me confident,

It makes me grow,

My interpersonal skills

Develop and show.


Leaving my comfort for

Adventure and intuition,

I rely on instincts

For my holiday mission.


An exciting trip

Just for one?

A romantic break,

Or beaches and fun?


Not leaving the country

Is also fine,

In another area, I

Still enjoy my time.


So, go on, travel,

Have a well-deserved break!

Which lovely voyages

Do you plan to take?


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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