Story Corner: A New Shore (A Poem)

I step over warm golden sand,

And gingerly dip in my toe

Into the turquoise water. It’s numbingly cold,

But in it I resolve to go.


Its temperature feels like icicles,

Their daggers stop my heart.

But from this familiar comforting shore,

I must surely, for my own sake, depart.


For I have a spectacular master plan.

It’s intimidating and scary too.

I’ll be pushed beyond my limits to reach my goal

If I’m courageous to see it through.


I begin to wade even farther out

And feel a swell of pride,

As I gaze far off to the new shore,

My destination, a speck in size.


With a consistent rhythm I swim,

And try not to longingly look back,

As my familiar support dwindles in size,

Yet my journey’s progression is on track.


The heavens have cruelly opened,

And I’m battered with rain and hail.

But I’m too exhausted to consider it

Or complain, or groan, or wail.


The ice sea zaps my energy,

The stormy waves push me back.

My spirit is quickly waning, for

Being mercilessly under attack.


I’ve sorely underestimated myself,

I’m weak and am going to drown.

Only the vast sea surrounds me.

The only direction is down!


I’m drained and miles from my starting point.

And have many more to go.

I have no choice but to sink

Or swim – I’ll tell the former, “No!”.


I draw on reserves of tenacity,

And swim with all my might.

The struggle is ending, the sun pierces through,

My destination looms larger in sight!


I nervously left my old shore

Waving goodbye to my comfort zone.

Out with the old, in with the new,

This new shore will now be my home.


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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