Story Corner: The New Chapter (A Poem)

This chapter of my life is full.

Full of regrets, discarded opportunities,

Misery, anger and sorrow.


If only I had done this!

If only I hadn’t done that!

If only I was treated better!

If only I was brave enough…


The tragic list goes on and on,

Enough to give even the most

Optimistic of people a breakdown.




Where have my hopes gone?

Where is my sense of purpose?


Both cousins deserted and ignored,

Their cries muffled and stifled,

They have learnt to suffer in silence

For months.

For years.


This chapter is where my dreams, defeated,

Decomposing and decaying have gone

To die in dust.


I am almost the living dead,

A wraith,

Buried in my own heart and head

Years before my physical body.


A zombie.


Yet hope is never fully dead.

Purpose can never be truly forgotten.


These cousins will never fade willingly.

Even though their pulses may fade or flatline

They can be resuscitated, re-energised, revitalised.

True warriors, their heartbeats can pulsate strongly.


If courage allows.


And so, the last rites are read over my old self

And I turn my life’s page,

From darkest night

Into the brilliant dawn of a new chapter.


Slowly but surely.


Hope will be born alive once more.

Hope for a better future.

Hope for fulfillment.

Hope for triumph and purpose over fear.


From the omega to alpha and genesis,

I will begin again.

A new chapter.




Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock


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