Sad girl

It was half past five in the morning when Jenna’s eyes flew open. Rolling over on her side, she glanced at the window, mesmerised by the chinks of soft light seeping in through her curtains. She would not get out of bed just yet though. This was her favourite time of the day, to plan all of her day’s activities and to reflect on what had happened the day before.


Surprisingly, the thought of her made her happy. Twenty minutes later she threw back her grey duvet covers, swung her legs over the side of the bed and placed her feet into her pink fluffy slippers. Her mum had given them to her as a present. “Your princess slippers!” her mother would constantly joke. Suppressing the memory with an effort she quietly opened the door and down the staircase. She could hear stirrings from her father’s room. A massive yawn. He would be resuming the normal position in the living room soon.

Emptying the kettle of last night’s water, she filled it and waited for it to boil, listening to the high-pitched wheeze that emanated from it as she surveyed her garden from her kitchen window. A blackbird hopped close the over overgrown bushes and next door’s tabby cat strolled lazily with feline grace. The sound of footsteps got louder. He was coming down the stairs. Well, not even he can ruin my day today, Jenna resolved.

She reached for a cup and made some coffee. “Oh great. I really need some.” A fleeting look of annoyance flashed on Jenna’s face. “This is for me, dad,” she replied. Her mood was making her courageous. Dare she say it? “If you want some, you’ll have to make it yourself.” His look was one of utter shock. He cleared his throat. “I didn’t bring you up to be so selfish!” he retorted.  

You haven’t brought me up properly in months. 

Wishing to prevent an argument, she grabbed a Weetabix biscuit and a pot of strawberry yoghurt from the fridge and resolved to retreat to her room. “What, so now you aren’t even going to make your old dad breakfast?” He stared, incredulous. She was sick of the situation with her father. She was on a roll, so she might as well state what she had to say before she lost her nerve. “No, I’m not” she replied, “and I’m not making lunch either”. She walked towards the staircase and upstairs. “I’m going to see Casey.” She waited for his expected reaction. Sure enough it came, “She wouldn’t treat David this way!” Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds, two seconds, one second, “You’re always disappointing me Jenna!” The soft click of her door latch was the only reply.

Her dad was entirely predictable. Comparing her to her once best friend infuriated her! He was driving a wedge between them. Did he not care? Did he not know what he was doing? Did he not know the animosity that she directed at Casey? Of course he must! And it wasn’t even Casey’s fault. She was the innocent party, completely unaware of the plotting and scheming and the dagger that she brandished behind her back.  Casey didn’t deserve any of this. Her animosity should be directed towards her father, if she could even call him that any more.

She felt like she was picking the scab where the wound was still raw underneath, but it had to be done. She smiled to herself. The history project was important, but it could wait… a few hours. This situation that had scourged her life for months now had to be addressed. Now. A cold clear clarity enveloped her.

Switching on her mobile, she dialled a number. The first ever number programmed in her phone. It was now only six fifteen. “Hey!” the familiar voice emitted from the mobile. Casey. And not an ounce of tiredness in her voice. She was a natural early bird too. Excitement and trepidation warred inside Jenna. “Hi….Can you come over? I’ve got some great ideas for the history project.”

“That’s great! But I thought your house was a huge building site right now?”

“I lied.”


A deafening silence impregnated the lengthy pause. Finally, an annoyed voice crackled down the line.

“I’ll be there at nine ‘o’ clock. But you’d better tell me what’s going on!”


Want to know what happens next? Find out in Part 6…


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  • How has Jenna’s father warped Jenna’s perception of her friend Casey?
  • Why do we try to bring other people down?
  • Does humiliating and hurting others really make you feel better?


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