Portrait of man shouting over white background

My words, I found, I could not say.
They held no merit at night or day.

Others ridiculed me with derision and a frown
And if I spoke
They shot me down.

So I would remain
Smile, nod and be

A face without a mouth.
A mouth without a tongue.

How hoarse would be my throat
From the phantom speech welling inside of me
Yearning, willing, daring to be expressed!

Superbly articulated in my mind,
The words would come unbidden, easy to find.
No tip-of-the-tongue moments would there be for me,
My mind and soul were aligned and completely carefree.

But it would fill me with trepidation and dread
To promote these thoughts to actual voice instead.

I could only scream inwardly and silently shout
This is what I truly am about!

Always too timid, too passive, too shy,
Not courageous enough to reason why
I would let them defeat me.

My master, fear.
My master, other’s expectations.
My master, rejection.

You masters of melancholy and misery
No shadow or wallflower will I anymore be!
Your hold has lessened. It has begun to wane,
You will not subject me to anymore pain.

Hear me!

Don’t you see?
How can I be anyone else
Except for me?

My voice,
A mellifluous expression of who I am.

Like a note struck which vibrates,
Fills the space.
Fills the void within.

Like trumpet blasts proudly
Blaring, declaring ‘this is me!’

Just to be me.

My identity.
My life.
My design.


I will not float in fear.
But will stand my ground.
The path I choose I will boldly pound.

You begin to see who I truly am,
Approve or disapprove,
I don’t give a damn.

Like a bird who escapes from a cage,
I am free.

Powerless to powerful.

I have found my voice,
And I will not be silenced.



  • Have you been afraid to express your true self?
  • To what extent can silencing yourself for others damage your life?
  • What have you done to become the ‘real’ you?

Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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