Story Corner: A Leap Of Faith (A Poem)

“Can you do this?” they ask me.

But I am filled with doubt.

One hundred reasons flood my brain

Why I should sit this out.


I don’t think I am good enough

And my confidence is lacking.

I don’t think I’m fit for the task,

Despite their support and backing.


For there are many better than me,

With greater experience too.

I’ll keep working hard – now’s not my time.

And one day my dream will come true.


But how long should I keep myself down

And deny myself a chance?

Why should I cheapen or berate myself,

When those with less do advance?


I have been doing this for years.

My warped thinking is too deep.

I must have faith in my abilities

And confidently take the leap.


I will continue to move forwards now

And stop letting time pass by.

The time isn’t later, the time is now,

And I will have the courage to try.


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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