Story Corner - Hunchback

Eyes lowered, back hunched,

Looking at the ground,

Spying every crack and pebble

Trying to make no sound.


Imperfections scream loud

Heightening my fear,

In bustling crowded places,

I really couldn’t bear.


Thinking poorly of myself,

Too low to even fall.

Deserving no attention

I was irrelevant, trivial, small.


That was many years ago,

The decades have been kind,

They’ve shown me who I really am,

That I was truly blind.


My perceptions flawed and skewed

Were just a warping of the mind,

That I was never good enough

And should be left behind.


For me now everything’s possible,

I truly can be great.

I have self-worth, self-love and

Have transformed my mental state.


By making new opportunities

And progressing every day,

I slay my demons, insecurities,

Ensure I have my say.


Chest out, back straight,

Looking all around,

A smile beams across my face.

My confidence is found!



Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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