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15th January 2015


Today was…interesting, to say the least. Marcus did confirm to say that he would definitely meet me outside Covent Garden Nando’s. I ate a huge lunch beforehand so I wouldn’t be tempted to order my usual half chicken and two sides and settled on a salad.

He was already waiting when I got there. Gosh, he has amazing sparkling brown eyes! I could gaze into them forever. And so expressive! And as for his eyelashes – I thought mine were long but his are longer and curl beautifully.

It started off well. He was very charming. Can you believe it – he wanted to know everything about me! He just listened with that gorgeous grin on his handsome face. He has great eye contact. I talked about myself with no interruption for around fifteen minutes and he didn’t appear the slightest bit bored!

Then his friend came, or rather he saw his friend Dimitri. I thought he would just introduce us and Dimitri would be on his way, but no, Marcus invited him to sit with us (on our first date!) and spent the rest of the time talking to him! It was like I was invisible! I didn’t even stay for dessert, opting to console myself with a McDonald’s apple pie and chocolate milkshake – they still taste brilliant together!

How can someone who seems so interested in you one moment, treat you with such insignificance in the next? I’m not happy.

Not a good way to treat a girl on a first date.

16th January 2016

I told Chantal what happened. She is far from impressed and thinks I should just ditch him. You know what? I think she’s absolutely right. He blows hot and cold and I have no idea where I stand. I shouldn’t be tolerating this at 32! Train boy had the audacity to text me asking me why I left so early. He really doesn’t think he did anything wrong? Is he that clueless? Well he’s not receiving a response from me, at least not for a few days. I don’t care if he is good-looking; I’m not going to let a timewaster jeopardise my interviews.

This is really frustrating. He told me he is 36. Shouldn’t he be more mature and act his age? Do I need to find someone in their forties for them to have an adequate level of maturity?

I’m feeling more confident for Monday, though I am incredibly nervous. I can’t wait for the first round to be over and done with!

17th January 2016

Marcus rang twice today. I didn’t answer. I have to focus. I listened to his messages though. He now realises inviting his friend to sit with us on our first date wasn’t the greatest of starts. No it definitely wasn’t lol. He says that I make him nervous because he’s never known anyone like me before. He didn’t know how to act around me. He thinks I’m special! I’ll let him sweat for another day and contact him tomorrow after the dreaded event.

I’m as prepared as I possibly can be. My eTray exercises and verbal reasoning tests are now quite strong and I know a lot about the company. I’m determined not to mess this up – this could absolutely change my life!

I’m getting my beauty sleep now. Until tomorrow!

18th January 2016

I got through to the second stage of interviews in two weeks – BOOM!!! The verbal reasoning test was easy – I’m so glad I do a lot of reading – and I finished the eTray exercises with just over 2 minutes to spare (that was the tensest 2 hours of my life to date!) I pretty sure I impressed the two interview panel members. I prepared for success! And no, I won’t utter the name of the company – I can’t afford to jinx it. My parents are extremely proud of me. They’re took me for a treat – last minute tickets to see Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna! It was amazing. Maybe I should take up acrobatics? Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t even last 5 minutes attempting to do it lol.

At least I can breathe slightly easier now and prepare for my birthday party. Now I can truly enjoy celebrating!

20th January 2016

I only contacted train boy today. He sounded sad and thought I had gone off of him. Well I almost had. I met him last minute today in a Camden Café. He’s had such a sad love life! I swear he was so deep in thought when he was telling me of his past and he almost cried – his eyes were welling with tears. It pricked my heart!

He’s has been in five long-term relationships. Each one of the women he gave his heart to left him, so now he feels insecure. I suppose he’s scared that I will leave him, so he treated me badly at first to have an excuse if I decided to break contact with him. A bit like Mr. Darcy with that awful proposal to Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice – that was cringe-worthy!! Poor Marcus! It was incredibly brave for him to open up to me like this. He must really like and trust me!

We’re kindred spirits.

It was really nice. We walked around Camden market for hours talking about everything. He really wanted to know absolutely everything about me. I invited him to my party. It does seem a little soon (dad always says to date someone for a few weeks before inviting them to your house), but we hit it off so well today, and if he is the one (like I think he is – fingers crossed!) there’s no point wasting any more time.

23rd January 2016

Definitely my most memorable party. The first time I’ve had a boyfriend at any party. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live. All my friends came, including Rae (Roger is improving now, thank goodness!). My parents, Auntie Sue, Uncle Ken, Granny Helen and Granny Dee did lots of cooking. We had curried mutton, jerk chicken, rice and peas, fried plantain, roti, Guinness punch, the works! To be honest, I did expect Marcus to chicken out of coming – after all he wouldn’t have known anyone except for me – but he did come.

I did what he asked which is only fair. I spent time with others before he got there and when he arrived I only spent time with him. My friends and family wanted to meet him properly but I couldn’t have him feeling uncomfortable. I know what it’s like to not know anybody at a party – it’s awkward. Once I left him for two minutes and the look he gave me – he looked like a frightened puppy. I’ve never met anyone with such expressive eyes – apart from myself lol. I hope the others didn’t mind too much. We spoke for two hours in the study (I’ve never laughed so much!) and we came out so they could all sing happy birthday to me and I could blow out the candles on my cake. I do love Victoria Sponge birthday cake!

He says he wants to take our relationship seriously, but he has something he needs to tell me before I make a decision.

I know – this sounds ominous. Whatever it is, it can’t be that good. I’ll guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out…

What will Marcus reveal??? Find out in Chapter 4…


  • Is Marcus’ excuse a genuine reason for treating someone badly?
  • Is the writer easily manipulated?

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