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16th December 2016

Right. I’m nearly ready and prepared. I managed to bag a personal shopper appointment tomorrow at 5:30pm. The shops are open late anyway so I’m hoping (fingers crossed!) that Saturday will be the last of this awful clothes hunt. If all goes well, that should give Marcus two full days to find something – he should undoubtedly have better luck than me at any rate.

I’ve spoken to Brandon and we’ve bumped our practice session up to 12pm. That way we fit in three full hours in and I can prepare a chicken salad for us both. He’s gathered that I’m crash dieting for the party lol. It’s nice that he’s so supportive! 🙂

I went to the gym again with the terrible twosome Amara and Sebastian. This time we checked out a body combat class – not the most exciting of ways to start a weekend, but I have to be more disciplined.  Amara is going to come with me tomorrow to see the personal shopper – she insisted on it. It would be great to get her opinion – she has a fabulous dress sense!

Let’s hope tomorrow goes without a hitch. 🙂

17th December 2016

Today could not have been more perfect! Everything that I wanted to accomplish was accomplished. It’s a huge relief and a massive weight off of my shoulders. I had the best practice session with Brandon. I can honestly say that he is one of the most skilled duet partners I have ever had. We went over the Christmas carols over and over again so we were on automatic pilot – that way, if we get distracted on the day, our fingers will keep going regardless. I’m going to miss practising with him. We’ll have to find more musical projects to do together!

He made a wonderful avocado salad (he put parsley, basil and chilli peppers in it – I’ll be stealing his recipe lol) while I cooked some really succulent jerk chicken breasts. Cooking chicken breasts is one of my specialities – to keep it succulent while under the grill is no easy feat! I also pushed the boat out and made one of my newly found speciality desserts – mango coulis drizzled on natural yoghurt and topped with grapes and blueberries.

He left his property at the same time I did claiming he had to collect an item on Oxford Street, which was where I was meeting Amara. When we arrived, he said he’d say hello to Amara and afterwards be on his way, but then when all three of us got together, he said he had no intention of leaving. Amara had told Brandon how panicked I was about getting the right dress and since he was in the area anyway he was more than happy to help. He did warn me that he could only stay until 8pm since he would be meeting his brother.

The personal shopper in House of Fraser was fantastic. I’ll definitely be using their services more – getting someone with expertise to help you certainly does remove some of the pressure! But I’ll tell you who was really surprising – Brandon!!! Turns out he worked in retail years and years ago. It took just under two hours to find something truly wonderful.

A gorgeous, stunningly beautiful scarlet dress, showcasing the décolletage, cinched in at the waist (I do have a tiny waist!) and flaring out at the waist, hiding all of my wobbly parts. It’s so perfect that I don’t even have to starve myself at the party. I could virtually eat what I wanted, let my tummy completely hang out and no one would even notice it (not that I am going to ruin all of my hard work to get into better shape). Amara helped me pick out some jewellery – a stunning silver choker with an orange-red carnelian pendant and matching earrings.

Brandon definitely was impressed. He was silent for a while and his expression was guarded, but I know he approved since he broke out into a smile soon afterwards – get this: it was him as well as the personal assistant who picked up the dress since they both agreed that it beautifully suited my complexion!!

Seriously, does this man have any flaws???? 🙂

Amara and I even got to meet Brandon’s brother – OMG he’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Not surprising though – it must run in the family. And from what I’ve seen, his manners are impeccable – though again, not surprising. He’s sparked poor Amara’s interest – it’s a pity he’s already taken. We’ll have a lot to talk about on Monday lol.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt so beautiful. I’ve taken a picture with everything on and texted it to Marcus. I doubt he’d find much to match, but a nice suit would look wonderful on him anyway.

I have some amazing friends! 🙂

18th December 2016

Well I’ve enjoyed a lovely, relaxing Sunday. All the stresses and strains have drained away. I even made time to do hours of binge TV watching via Netflix. At least I’m now finally caught up with series 3 of ‘The Originals’ (after I promised myself I’d never watch it again – it’s just too good to resist!). Series 4 can’t come soon enough! My parents and sister are a bit curious and are trying to ascertain whether I have an existent love-life. I think they think that I am going out with Brandon – I have been talking highly of him and I have been going around to his house on Saturdays. Should I set them straight?

I’ll leave it for now anyway. At least there won’t be any suspicion falling on Marcus.

I received a reply from him today. It wasn’t anything much, considering I sent him a gorgeous picture – just ‘okay’.

No compliment!

It wouldn’t cost anything to tell me I look nice (I know I looked hot in that picture!). I’ll try not to let it bother me that much.

I need as much sleep as possible if I want to look nice on Tuesday.

Goodnight. 🙂

19th December 2016

Work was really interesting – and not occupation-wise. I found out some really interesting facts about Brandon today. I found out on the sly from Sebastian that he was engaged a year ago and broke things off when he found that his fiancé was cheating on him…


Why do the great guys finish last??? He didn’t deserve that!!

He hasn’t been in a relationship since. I’m praying he’ll find the right person before long.

He did an undergraduate engineering degree at Birmingham University and then his PhD at UCL. There’s so much I don’t know about him!

Amara filled me in about his brother we saw on Saturday – Marcel. He’s a 36 yr. old accountant who lives in Pimlico and is expecting his first child with his wife. Amara’s been friends with Brandon for a few years and has seen his brother at a few of Brandon’s parties, but was too shy to really talk to him. She’s upset that the boat of opportunity has sailed by, but has resigned herself to it.

She remains really good friends with Brandon – apparently they tell each other everything. They definitely do if Saturday is anything to go by!

Tomorrow is the big day. Marcus has found something appropriate (still no compliments, but I’ll just have to get over it). I’ll meet Marcus at his place before the party.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. 🙂


Will the Christmas party be all that our Diary Writer hoped for??? Find out in Chapter 19…


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