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17th April 2016

I’ve never been so excited – tomorrow will start the best few days of my life! Days to spend with my boyfriend, away from judgemental parents and family and meddling Chantal. And the opportunity to EXPLORE!!!

Marcus can’t get a room for tomorrow, since the hotel is fully booked, but will join us on Wednesday. I can’t wait!

I’ve always wanted to go to Bath, I’ve just never managed to get around to it. Until now, that is. So many places to check out! I need to schedule some time to go the Jane Austen Museum – she’ll always be one of my favourite authors.

I have been trying to suppress the excitement as much as possible by focusing on more job applications. You know, sometimes I do forget my ability. I am intelligent and pretty awesome! I won’t let anybody or my present circumstances make me think otherwise.

I will miss my parents and family though, even if it is for a short while. I know I’ll be back on Friday evening, but I don’t like leaving home. I cried nearly every time I left London to return to university. But I’m a proper adult now. If I’m planning to move in with Marcus, I might as well get used to it.

Signing off early now Diary. HAVE TO GET MY BEAUTY SLEEP FOR TOMORROW!

18th April 2016

Had an extremely early start today but it was worth it. Raced up to Paddington during rush hour and took the train to Bath Spa from there – very stressful with a great big suitcase! I don’t know why I over-pack – I doubt I’ll need half of the things in there, but better to have too much than too little.

I met Rae and Perry at Bath Spa station and we got a taxi to the hotel. I had half expected our meeting to be quite awkward because of the situation with Chantal, but it was like we hadn’t been apart at all!

And as for the hotel…


I feel a bit out of place here – it’s so posh! It’s beautiful too look at – 18th century building I think, yet very modern inside. The best of both worlds! There’s even free wifi in all of the bedrooms so I can skype home. I love doing that when I’m away.

We spent the rest of the day out and about, exploring gardens, the Jane Austen Centre (had to make that a priority!) and dining in a quaint restaurant. It’s so different to London, it feels like I’m in a different country. And the weather has really held up.

It’s been decided – we are checking out the Baths tomorrow and more crucially, Stonehenge on Wednesday. I’ve waited so long to visit it and now, finally, it’s within my grasp – nothing is going to stand in my way!


I haven’t broached the subject of Marcus coming tomorrow with Rae and Perry yet, but I do need to as some point. Let’s face it – there’s never going to be a perfect time to do it, so I’ll do it tomorrow at breakfast. What will they think? They didn’t bring their partners, so I’m not sure they’ll approve – it was supposed to be a girlie trip after all. Regardless whether they approve or not, he will be here anyway.

With any luck, they will be accepting of Marcus and we can all have a great time together.

A good day overall.

19th April 2016

I’m so nervous I hardly slept a wink! Marcus phoned to say he will get here after 5pm. I hope Rae and Perry will give him a chance. They just need to get to know him.

I’m meeting Rae and Perry in a few minutes in the restaurant for breakfast. It honestly can’t come fast enough. I just want it over and done with so I can start to enjoy my day.

Wish me luck!


I’m glad that’s over and done with. They took it rather well. They were quite annoyed at first since it was supposed to be girlie trip, but relented when I told them it was the only way we could spend quality time with each other. I know it can potentially put them in an awkward situation with Chantal, but there’s no other way.

We’re off to the Roman Baths and Thermae Bath Spa before Marcus gets here.

What have I been missing all my life?? I never knew bathing could be so luxurious – I feel like a queen! I’m so relaxed and all of my stresses and tensions have evaporated in the steam. If only life was always this way – I’ve got to visit here more often! The Roman Baths was fantastic too, particularly the Sacred Spa.

Marcus arrived a little after 5.30pm. I’m so happy he came! I helped him unpack his things in his room (not as grand as mine!) and we all went down to dinner together in the hotel. There was so much to choose from at the buffet, but I was really conscious not to over-indulge in front of him. I can’t have him thinking I’m greedy lol! We all meticulously planned our trip down to the minute for our trip to Stonehenge tomorrow.

I think Rae and Perry like him. He was on his best behaviour and he answered all of their questions. They both went to a wine bar afterwards, and I’m sure Marcus was the main topic of conversation. At least the ice has been broken now. Tomorrow can only get better!

Tomorrow = STONEHENGE!!! 🙂

20th April 2016

I’m not standing for his rubbish – every time I want to do something important he always manages to put a spanner in the works!  My job interview and the career fair was bad enough, but trying to stop me going to Stonehenge was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I didn’t hear anything from him in the morning, so I knocked on his door on the way to breakfast at 8.30am. It took him 3 minutes before he opened the door. He said he would forgo breakfast and meet us in the reception lobby at 9:15am to make our way to the famous site. When he didn’t show up at 9:20am I knocked on his door only to find out that he had fallen back asleep. He brushed of my annoyance, simply stating that he had two more full days to visit it and that I should be spending quality time with him.

My response? I flounced down the corridor, calling out at him to meet us there if he was so interested in spending time together! I looked at him just before I turned the corner and his expression – if looks could kill, I would be dead a million times over lol! Well that told him – I don’t mess about when it comes to travel itineraries.

I was proud of myself at the time for standing my ground.

He didn’t turn up in the end, but that didn’t dampen my joy upon seeing the place. I had wanted to see it for so long that it seemed surreal just being in its presence. The sheer size of the monoliths is absolutely astounding! We even managed to get inside the stone circle – quite a bit more expensive, but so worth it!!

Rae and Perry think I did the right thing regarding Marcus, but it’s obvious they don’t want to get too involved.

Did I though? He did spend a lot of money to be with me and I left him. And now he’s mad at me.

We returned 20 minutes ago at 7:30pm. He isn’t in his room now and he isn’t answering his phone, so the three of us are going to a restaurant outside of the hotel for dinner.

The food was delicious, the company was great, and there was a live jazz band at the French restaurant but I was too distracted with thoughts of Marcus to enjoy it all properly. I left three extra messages on his mobile and sent text messages asking him to meet us there.

Still no response.

Where was he and what was he doing?

That question was answered shortly after upon our return to the hotel. At the bar, next to the reception lobby, there was Marcus, kissing another female.

He was with another woman.

And it is all my fault.


How will our diary writer react? Find out in Chapter 10…



  • Was our Diary Writer right to leave Marcus and stick to her plans?
  • Is our Diary Writer the one to blame for Marcus’ actions?


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