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4th April 2016

I’ve decided to continue writing in you, dear Diary. I just couldn’t bring myself to write the same old painful stuff over and over again. My situation hasn’t changed since Marcus was kicked out of the house. He must be really mad. I still haven’t heard anything from him.

I’d love to hear his voice, even if only for a few seconds, just to know that he is okay. I miss him so much, I even miss Chantal too, though I’ll never tell her after what she did! Apparently, mum and dad were appalled by my actions. We have been virtually inseparable for so long and it’s going to take a long time to adjust. I guess friends just grow apart. It’s just a necessary part of life.

I made my decision. I chose my boyfriend (if he is even that anymore!) over my best friend. She’ll never forgive me for that. Would she have done the same if she were in my position?


It’s bad enough losing Chantal. I don’t want to lose Marcus also. My heart couldn’t bear it.

9th April 2016

Spent the day with my sister. It was really nice – it’s been a very long time since we’ve spent some quality time together. I managed to drag her to the British Museum in Holborn. It’s not really her cup of tea, but she tagged along to cheer me up.

I always marvel at just how HUGE and beautiful that place is! It reminds me of Le Louvre in Paris. You definitely need at least 3 hours to look at the artefacts properly. Some things were absolutely beautiful and some were just downright eerie. The mummies were awful – why on earth would anyone want to keep mummies on display? It’s so disrespectful and I keep imagining them suddenly coming to life (I watch far too much horror for my own good lol)!  I managed to get a picture of the Rosetta Stone. The photo was of far better quality than the Mona Lisa pictures I tried to take at Le Louvre – 5 minutes of taking pictures and not a single one was in focus! I would be an absolutely useless photographer.

Oh well.

At least my feet feel a little better – I’m soaking them as I write. I did far too much walking and climbing up and down stairs.

I’ll have to love you and leave you Diary. It’s time for me to read my book!

10th April 2016

My legs and feet are still aching. Hopefully, yesterday’s trekking will tone my legs like a treat! Rae and Perry want me to see them. They are going to a Bath hotel in a few days and want me to stay with them. Chantal is not going. Should be nice, apart from the endless inquisition that is bound to occur. Bath is supposed to be gorgeous and it’s not too far from Stonehenge, or so I’m told.

My parents have even offered me the money for my trip. I really hate borrowing money but I know that the only reason that they are being so generous is to put as much distance between me and Marcus as possible – I wasn’t born yesterday! Well, I’ll take the money and run before they change their minds.

A change of scenery would be ideal. Roll on the 18th April!

I really should return Chantal’s money to her. Despite of everything that has happened, it was very generous of her to give me £300. To keep it for a lengthy period would be taking advantage.

I’ll see what I can do.

12th April 2016

I’ve got most of my things for my Bath trip. All of my toiletries have been sorted. I just need to get more clothes. I don’t understand why finding trousers are so difficult – they refuse to go past my thighs! It breaks my heart to spend money I don’t really have on bigger clothes when I can try to slim down into my old ones. Seriously, right now I have hundreds of pounds’ worth of clothes that just don’t fit anymore and most have never been worn!

Well it’s time to get more physical and get back into shape. The next few weeks are going to be very, very tough. I’ll have to restrict myself to one desert a week and definitely NO CHESECAKE AND NO ROLY-POLY!!

How will I survive?

14th April 2016

Still no word from Marcus. His mobile that I bought him keeps going straight to voicemail. Do you think he has blocked my number? I hope not!! Anyway, I left a message, let’s see if he calls me back.

I’ve done another batch of job applications. – it took long enough! Let’s hope one of them proves lucky!

15th April 2016

Packing almost done! That was quicker than expected – I bet you were waiting for me to freak out on Monday, weren’t you Diary? The hotel is supposed to be gorgeous! It’s a five-star hotel, with a wellness spa, and a gym. They even put on Yoga and Pilates classes and you can book an appointment with a fully qualified personal trainer! I’ve packed away my trainers to take with me, but we probably won’t have the time to take full advantage of it, not when there is so much to explore! My sister is a little jealous – she loves posh hotels – but she can’t get any holiday leave at such short notice.

That’s good!

No, I’m not being mean (I hope!). I contacted Marcus again, this time asking if he would like to come to Bath also. It would be an ideal opportunity to talk things through, away from my family, away from Chantal and see if we can even get on. At least if we do this, we’ll have a good indication as to how well we would get on living together…

I hope he responds!

16th April 2016

I have butterflies!!  Marcus replied today and agreed. He has a lot to discuss with me in person so he thinks it’s a fantastic idea! We have to keep it quiet though. I can’t afford to tell Rae and Perry about it until it is too late to do anything about it. Can you imagine what dad would do if he found out??? He’d take away the money given to me for sure! That way they can see Marcus for who he truly is – a perfect gentleman! He’s going to book his own single room as soon as possible.

Rae and Perry will adore him when they get to know him – I just know it!!

Finally, things are beginning to happen for me.


What happens at the hotel? Find out in Chapter 9…


  • Should our Diary writer have invited her boyfriend to the hotel if it is meant to be trip for friends?

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