Unhappy woman in an abusive relationship

25th February 2016

Chantal has definitely cheered me up! It was nice seeing her again. Sometimes it feels like it’s just been too long! She’s helping to keep me on the straight and narrow. According to her, Marcus is just a waste of space and is trying to ruin things for me. She says I have to work on myself more before I go into another relationship. Well, if you can call Marcus and me a ‘relationship’. Can you believe it – she says that I was so desperate to find someone after waiting all these years that I settled for anybody with a pulse! Well, she may have a point.


She’s going to stay over for a few days in March and help me to look for a career. She’s such a true friend – always having my back.

On the piano front, I’m really glad with the progress I’m making. My wrists and fingers don’t nearly cramp as much as they used to. I just need to select pieces from the baroque and classical periods.

Baroque – Bach or Scarlatti?

Classical – I’m afraid pieces from this period do not float my boat. SO NOT A FAN!! I’ll go through the piano syllabus and examine the recommended pieces list.

I really need more lessons. Oh well.

28th February 2016

How could he?! I only opened Marcus’ phone bill today.

IT’S £120!!

I can’t stop crying. I had scarcely anything before but he has now cleaned me out! I should only be paying around £20 a month.  The phone company is taking the money out of my account on Tuesday 1st March and I have no idea how to pay for it!  I’ll probably be landed with a fee for exceeding my overdraft limit.

How could he do that to me?

How could he be so inconsiderate?

I’ve phoned him over and over again but it keeps going straight to voicemail. He must be avoiding me. I don’t know exactly where he lives, so it’s not like I can bang on his door and demand money. I’m frantic with worry and my eczema is threatening to flare up again under the stress. What a mess!

Thank goodness it’s a leap year! That’s gives me a day to think of something. Asking family for a loan is out of the question. Chantal? Could she help? I’d have to tell her everything.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!!!

When am I going to learn?

I’ll speak to Chantal. She’ll help me…I hope.29th February 2016

Chantal went ballistic! I couldn’t blame her – I would have if it were somebody else. She shouldn’t be using her hard-earned money to bail me out. I’m so embarrassed. The look she gave me – she could never control her facial expressions – I just wanted the ground to swallow me up! I’ve assured her that this is just a loan and that I will pay her back every penny as soon my fortune changes. I hate borrowing money from friends – it feels so degrading!

To Train Boy I’m just a cash cow (albeit an emaciated one!). He doesn’t care that I don’t have a job (partly down to him!) and he doesn’t care how I get the money to pay the bill either.

I’ve deposited the money in my current account.


Chantal doesn’t want me to miss out on my piano lessons. She knows how much music means to me and doesn’t want that pr*ck to spoil things and set me back.

She was outraged when I told her he isn’t returning any of my calls. Can you believe it? She actually left a message on his phone threatening to expose his antics on Facebook unless he responded lol. She has LOTS of friends on Facebook  so it’s highly likely they must have mutual acquaintances to spread the word. At this point, I don’t care if his wife finds out. I’ve had enough of being played for a fool!

Thanks to her, I’ve a feeling I’ll be hearing from Marcus very, very soon…

He definitely could not handle a woman like Chantal – he’d be quaking in his boots lol. She has an extremely low tolerance for b****hit. I need to be more like her.

1st March 2016

Train Boy called today acting like absolutely nothing had happened. He was so convincing I might have believed him had I not been staring at the phone bill. The audacity! He says he’s been meaning to get in touch with me and he thought of me everyday but just didn’t have the time.

He must really think I was born yesterday!

He had no idea the phone bill would be so expensive, but that it was all for me. He says he has a surprise for me that he’s sure I will like. I’m not falling for that again! He said he didn’t have the funds to repay me, but I held my ground and demanded payment within one week. It felt really good being that assertive with him! He asked me whether Chantal was there (I’m certain he doesn’t like her after yesterday!) – he could hear her voice in the background giving me advice – and has asked to see me alone.

I replied that he can only see me when he has the bill money. So if it’s important he needs to get the funds together quickly! I even demanded that the phone be transferred into his name! He wasn’t expecting that, judging from the hesitation down the phone. But he’s agreed to it.

I feel stronger and wiser and Chantal has been a God-send.

I can handle Marcus and get him out of my life once and for all.

6th March 2016

Should I just go to a busy train station with a placard stating that I’m seeking employment and have lots of CVs to hand? I mean, there have been quite a few success stories with that – I’ve read about them in the newspapers. You have to be really gutsy to pull a stunt like that. I’m not sure if I have it, but no-one can deny that it’s certainly proactive!

My CV isn’t the problem – I think it’s rather good. Doing lots of applications online puts you at a disadvantage, because prospective employers are unable to connect with the person behind the application to fully appreciate them and the skills they can bring to the table. With the sheer volume they must receive, they must surely miss out on great potential – me for starters!

Maybe I should attend some jobs fairs or re-ring certain agencies?

Something will turn up. It will be just around the corner. I can’t give up hope…

10th March 2016

Nothing from Marcus. Obviously he hasn’t taken me seriously. He was supposed to have repaid me by Monday 7th. I’m really disappointed and Chantal is furious! Am I that much of a pushover? I guess I am. Chantal tried privating her number in an attempt to reach him. It worked – and I guess he won’t be falling for that again anytime soon lol. She gave him such a tongue-lashing! I’m slightly embarrassed for him (goodness knows why though) and extremely impressed with her. She informed him that the threat of Facebook exposure still stands. If he hasn’t come round and paid up by tomorrow 7:00pm, his antics will be posted for all to see by 7:01pm! Too funny! I do believe Train Boy is quite scared of Chantal.

11th March 2016

Marcus didn’t ring the doorbell or knock on the door; he slipped an envelope through the letterbox. I was expecting to just find a cheque for £120 but I received a letter as well. It was so beautifully written – I didn’t know he could express himself like that! He would have come in but didn’t want the possible altercation with Chantal. Well, she can be a bit bossy! He’s sorry for the upset that he’s caused me and for screwing things up and will transfer the mobile account into his name as soon as he is able. But the most important part of the letter?

Brace yourself…

He’s madly in love with me and wants to take things to the next level. He assures me he’ll be divorced very soon.

He’s been looking at properties and wants us to get a place together. JUST THE TWO OF US!!


Will our Diary Writer take things up a notch? Find out in Chapter 7…


  • Why is our Diary Writer reeled in by Marcus nearly every time?
  • Should her friend Chantal continue to interfere or leave her to her own devices?

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