Well it’s past midnight here in London. I’ve had a long day, have to get up early and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open. My eyelids seem to be getting heavier every minute. I have actually been deliberating whether I should in fact write this post I have only just started, or just give in and succumb to sweet seductive sleep. And I could easily just recycle one of my old posts. Not everyone has read my previous material so it wouldn’t be too bad. And besides, other people do it all the time! I’m looking at my bed and it looks so appealing right now.

Cartoon Devil

This is a battle which I am in danger of losing…

But I’ve decided to soldier on, bleary-eyed, feebly piercing the hazy blanket of weariness that is shrouding my mind.

Inviting me to the dark side.

The lure…



As sweet as a siren’s song.

Although I can be stubborn and have a lot of willpower, I am sorely being tested right now.

But I won’t give up.

And neither should you if it is a choice to take the easy way out. If you give up on one thing, how easy would it be to just give up on others? Excuses are so easy to come by and we can find inventive ways to justify things in our heads. It can become a slippery slope and you can potentially end up sliding down a downhill spiral. And all those dreams that you had? They might slip away. Laziness can become a nasty habit and one that takes a herculean effort to break. It’s best not the start the sinister slide.

It is not the end of the race, so don’t abandon it.

Push on.

Walk, crawl or drag yourself through the finish line if you have to.

Savour the victory.

Succeed in your efforts.

Vanquish that laziness devil.

Wade through the mire. It may feel ridiculously tough, more so than usual, but you are testing your resilience here.

And what do you know? That’s a post done! And feeling shattered yet happy that I’ve met my commitment to my lovely readers.

It’s time to test your mettle too…

Goodnight and sweet dreams!


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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