Three days ago, I attended the funeral of one of my relatives – my great uncle. He lived to the grand age of ninety years and had definitely crammed in a lot of adventures into the time he graced this earth. I hadn’t appreciated the full extent of this until I heard the tributes from loved ones and a speech from the priest, and I must say, I was amazed! While it was a sombre occasion, I could not help but feel proud and also joyous for the life he had lived – and one that others would be envious of – a fulfilled life on his own terms.

Picture of a Gravestone

Now, I am not religious, but what the priest had to say, resonated with me.  The priest stated that he had been fearless and had proved that when you overcome your fear and follow your passions, you die to your old self and embrace and live fully in the new. My ears pricked up at that.

Wow! Wouldn’t that be wonderful??

It definitely would. And it wouldn’t just be a silly dream, because I had just heard evidence of a great man who had lived and felt fulfilled. A life of no regret.

If (heaven forbid!) you were to find out that you would die shortly, would you be full of regret:

  • for the things you had yet to achieve?
  •  for the relationships you had yet to make and cultivate?
  •  for the desires and dreams that you constantly quelled?
  • for living a mere shadow of yourself?
  • for the things you failed to do?

We all must leave this earth. Life is fleeting and that is what makes this gift all the more precious and beautiful. The aim is when our time comes to an end to feel happy and contented, to know that we did all that we could in the time allotted to us.

And that means making some personal changes.

So stop floundering when you can fly!

Do that course you have always wanted to do. Visit that country you have always dreamed of visiting. Pursue the job or career that brings you joy and satisfaction. Tell that particular person you are in love with how you feel and see if your feelings are reciprocated. Write that book you’ve been planning for years. Take up that hobby you’re always talking about. You get the picture. Knock that “’t” off of can’t.




No more excuses. Most things are possible if you are willing to work at it.

Does the whole concept scare you?

Honestly, it scares me, sometimes. But this fear is a sign of progression. Transform it from a crippling fear to an exhilarating one.

Deep breath…

Take the plunge.

Don’t just exist…EXPERIENCE.

What old ways would you have to give up to ensure you lived happily in your new life? Please reply in the comments section below.

Credits: Picture by Gina Duran

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