Jealousy is natural. Just don't let the green-eyed monster get the better of you!!!

Not a nice trait. But one we do suffer from time to time.

And it is a totally natural feeling.

You can feel full of envy for so many things. Maybe someone you know is in a really good and loving relationship. Maybe someone you know has just landed that promotion you have always wanted. Maybe someone you know has gone on an exotic holiday or a trip around the world. Maybe someone you know has brought their first house. Maybe someone you know seems to be progressing at a faster pace than you are. Maybe everyone seems to be moving forward with their lives while you seem to be standing still.

There is no point in wishing others ill. What is the use in hoping that your friend loses their job, or that they break up with their partner etc.? Yes, it may make you feel better for all of a few seconds, if it were to happen, but how does that help improve your own circumstances?

It doesn’t, really.

Most likely, you will still remain in the same situation. Unless, that is, you change your mindset.

Don’t be a permanent victim to envy. The madness must end! Instead, show that monster who is the boss.


1. Admit your feelings

When you feel that green-eyed monster rears its natural yet ugly head, monitor it. Acknowledge what you are feeling to yourself – there is no point denying it. Ascertain why you feel that way. Where does the feeling stem from? Is it based on feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, or something else?

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Try to stop comparing yourself to others. Spending your days constantly comparing can lead to a lack of confidence and a build-up of negative emotion. There will always be people better and worse off than you, and your level of success (however you decide to measure it) continually fluctuates. Concentrate instead on yourself and how much you have improved since the previous year.

3. Admire those doing well

If those around you are doing well? That’s absolutely great news! They are a source of inspiration. Admire them. Find out how they went about succeeding and try to emulate it. Use their example to rise and aid you in your personal development journey, rather than try to drag them to hell. After all, if they can do it, you can surely do it too!

4. Practise gratitude

Be grateful for what you already have. Remember that somewhere out there, there is someone who would love to be in your shoes. Gratitude puts a spring in our step and paints everything positively.

And one more thing…

5. Take people’s social media posts with a pinch of salt

Things seem so nice in other people’s profiles – you would think have the perfect life and live the life of Riley. As a result, you could trawl for hours looking at profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and make yourself extremely depressed and unfulfilled. Lives depicted on social media sites are very biased to portray people in a good light and make it appear like they are doing well. It is the equivalent of airbrushing pictures to make them look stunning. Everyone has problems and struggles; they just don’t always broadcast them!


Don’t let jealousy bring you down. You control the green-eyed monster, not the other way around. You are worth far more than you give yourself credit for. Concentrate on positivity, personal development and don’t forget to practise gratitude.


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