Ever been inspired by an event?

Raise your game!!

Or a certain someone, perhaps?

Something which makes you think to yourself: “I can do so much better than where I’m currently at”?

It’s an epiphany moment.

Maybe it concerns your occupation.

Maybe it concerns your field of study.

Maybe it concerns an area in which you are currently a novice and would really like to become an expert in.

Maybe it concerns something else.

Regardless, if you want to improve your circumstances, you have to do it because you really desire yourself to change rather than doing it for others. Do it for someone else and you’ll soon enough slip back into old ways and not achieve your objective.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Of course you are!! 🙂

Here are 9 tips to help you raise your game…

1. Be enthusiastic in your pursuit of improvement

Being pessimistic just ain’t gonna cut it! You have to get into a positive mindset if you truly want to succeed. The work required for you to achieve your ultimate aim will most likely to be long and arduous, so don’t make it any harder for yourself by being down in the dumps about it. Shake off that resistance weighing you down and transform your attitude.

2. Recognise your ability and potential

You have infinite potential you which is waiting to be channelled and fulfilled. To raise your game, you need to appreciate and recognise this in order to manifest your dream into reality. Your power resides within, so use it.

3. Cut out inconsequentials

Try to cut out (or drastically curtail) those things which do not serve your long term goals. Watching hours of TV programmes or constantly checking your social media may be fun, but is it really helping you get to where you ultimately want to go?

4. Read a lot and/or listen to audiobooks in your field

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of this. Knowledge is power, so imagine how powerful you can become by reading books connected to your field you desire to raise your game in! Reading unfortunately seems to be in decline for many people, but this doesn’t mean that you should follow suit. If you are pushed for time, see if there are alternative audiobook options. These are great for commutes to work, as well as helping to pass the time whilst doing chores etc. The more information you can absorb about what is going on in your field, the more confident and knowledgeable you will be.

5. Set goals

Make sure you set yourself realistic goals that you can accomplish. This can make a seemingly overwhelming feat seem more manageable. This starts the process of turning the fantasy of improving your circumstances into a successful reality.

6. Be disciplined

But in order to achieve your aim you must make sure you are disciplined. If you have set yourself a task or a goal that needs fulfilling, stick with it, no matter what. Don’t make excuses, or descend down the slippery slope of attempting to justify why you can’t possibly work on improving yourself at a particular moment in time. Develop your willpower and eventually you will marvel at how far you have progressed!

7. Invest in yourself

Spend some money on improving yourself. If purchasing particular books will help you to raise your game, then do it. If attending conferences, seminars and lectures will help you get to where you want to be, then attend. You might have to make financial cutbacks somewhere else, but if investing in yourself helps you to achieve your goals, then it is worth it.

8. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

The scary and exciting part! If you have wrapped yourself in a cosy cocoon, then it’s time to fully emerge and leave it behind. Progress can mean venturing into the unknown, awkward and alien, but it can be extremely exhilarating. If you want to shine, then you must come fully out of the shade. Keep pushing your boundaries your mind has imposed on you – in time you’ll find out that those boundaries are in fact elastic. That anxiety and apprehension will fall away to amazement at what you have accomplished!

9. Have fun on the journey

Don’t make things all work and no play. Make sure you factor in time for yourself to spend pursuing your passions, and with your friends and family etc. The destination may be important but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time travelling there.


You have the power to raise your game and achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t hold yourself back. Keep moving onwards and forwards. Congratulations in advance! 🙂


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