Television is arguably one of modern technology’s gems, providing light relief and entertainment since its conception. It’s absolutely amazing! I’m quite partial to watching programmes on TV. I love Game of Thrones (waiting a whole year for the next series is way too long!), am getting into Mr Robot, adore Versailles and nearly always watch the Daily Politics. I also like watching films.

Get rid of your television!

TV can be great to while-away the time when you’re bored or want to be entertained. It can also be a fun way to spend time with the family, watching films with popcorn etc.

But there is a downside to it…

Alarmingly so.

You can quickly find yourself wasting hours of your valuable time as you watch soap after soap, series after series, film after film and not have time to do anything productive or worthwhile. This wasted day may start as a one-off, but this medium of procrastination can quickly spiral into a regular occurrence.

And what if your family suffers as a result? Sometimes the only times families can spend together are at meal times. But even this can be an opportunity wasted. Unfortunately, some people are so engrossed in watching their favourite TV programmes that relatives are unable to communicate with each other, the little screen taking priority over finding out how each other’s day was etc. In some households, the TV obsession is so bad that arguments will erupt should anyone dare to speak!

I know people whose parents put them in front of the television as soon as they got up until they went to bed rather than spend adequate time with them. Understandably the children now grown up resent TV and refuse to have one in their own houses.

How is it good if you know more about what is going on in the lives of your favourite TV characters than in the lives of your own family?

How is it good if your TV consumption is preventing you from achieving your dreams and realising your goals?

It isn’t.

So I propose two suggestions.

The first is radical…

1.     Get rid of your television completely! Discard it!

Or simply refuse to switch it on.

This also includes not watching catch-up TV on laptops and tablets as well as Netflix etc. You might gasp at this with shock and horror, but it can be done. After all, people survived perfectly well before the age of the small screen. The television detox can be maddening at first, especially when you know that your favourite TV programmes are about to start. Try it for a week and see how well you cope. You’ll most likely find that you have more free time in your day than you initially thought. Indeed, you have more hours at your disposal to do things that really matter to you and spend time with those you love.

If this is too extreme for you and just the thought of it gives you palpitations, try the second, more moderate suggestion.

2.     Reduce your TV intake

Watch TV in moderation. Cut down on the number of series and soaps you watch. If you love to view many, be courageous and whittle it down to three or four a week. If you are able to, record your favourite TV programmes and watch them in the evenings as a treat (a maximum of 2 hours) once all of your tasks have been accomplished. Do not engage in binge watching on the weekend, however tempting – it defeats the whole purpose of the exercise! Switch the TV of at meal times and converse with friends and family members instead. Switch of mobile phones and social media apps.

Now you will have more time for greatness!

Will you try the challenge???

Please let me know how you get on, by leaving comments below.


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