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It’s time to take ownership! It is your life and you determine the outcome.

Pick an excuse that you keep telling yourself. What exactly is it that is holding you back and why? Is this a genuine problem or a lie you have told yourself? Analyse this in detail. Moreover, how long do you intend for this problem to hold you back? What will happen with your life if you keep allowing this excuse to conquer you?

Example: losing weight – I would complain about how I wanted to lose weight but always found reasons why I couldn’t possibly do anything about it. I wouldn’t give up my favourite rich foods or eat less, and I was always just too busy to exercise, too hungry, or if I wanted to it was too dark to go out or too much traffic or the wrong type of rain etc.  It was much simpler just to be upset and be content to do nothing about it.

Resolve to not make this an everlasting obstacle to achieving your objectives. What do you need to do defeat it? Attempt to blast away the negatives by making small baby steps each day towards reaching your target. Each step that you take should fill you with greater confidence. Congratulate yourself and marvel at your progression.

Example: losing weight – I decided that I wouldn’t lie to myself any longer. My reason for not losing weight was laziness. I was determined to lose a dress size and no excuse in the world would keep me from achieving it. I started exercising regularly, eating less (which was hard!) and gave up snacking (as much as possible). The gradual weight loss and changes were encouraging and it provided me with the incentive to keep going.  

Incentives, Incentives!!

Achieving your objectives is hard work. You need an incentive.

What should it be?

Make it a reward tantalising enough to encourage you to pursue your goal and relish the thought of realising it. A theatre or cinema trip? Something you’ve always wanted?

The choice is yours.

Reality trumps fantasy!!

So you are no longer lying to yourself about why you can’t achieve something. Well done! But don’t fall into the fantasy trap, setting your bar so ridiculously high that you feel powerless to accomplish it and fall back into old ways. Realistic goals that you can divide into bite-sized pieces is best. When you have met it, add to it.

Don’t deny yourself any longer. You have dreams so don’t let excuses hold you back.

You can achieve.

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Credits: Picture by Kieran O Mahony

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