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2. Courage

The fierce, proud brave lion warrior that transforms your ‘not me!’ to ‘watch me!’. You are free! Your chosen path is within reach!Why don’t you think that you can achieve something? It is lack of faith in yourself. What a warped world we live in where we consistently deny our brilliance! If this is you, you right now have a lion within you dressed in a scaredy-cat’s clothing and scratching its head with its paws in frustration!

Now, I have been guilty of this on numerous occasions and in the past other people have had to remind me about all I have achieved so far, and it has given me a little courage. But to rely on others to constantly give you courage is to give your power away. Now I find it more powerful to remind myself.


Try this exercise. But first, we need to invoke the power of the brave, regal lion within.


You are on your plateau, near the edge. Visualise your wand. In front of you is a huge, hideous monster looming high above you threatening to eclipse the sun. It is not made of flesh and bone but of far worse – your self-doubt and this sensation almost cripples you. Right now it is cocky, jeering at you for it believes controls you. Take a deep breath. Point your wand at its grotesque forehead and imagine a volley of lightning sparks crackle and shoot out of it, striking the monster mercilessly. The monster initially fights back but you have found the power from within to defeat it.

Keep pointing and don’t lose heart.

As it starts to shrink, your self-doubt rips away from it, writhing like smoky incorporeal serpents. They have no substance, just like the negative perceptions of both yourself and your ability. Cast them into the Abyss, ensuring your force-field you constructed previously allows them entry but does not permit them to escape. The monster realising it is losing strength attempts a furiously wild defiance but you hold your intentions true. The monster is now the size of a newborn baby. You marvel at your brilliance and keep going. The horrid creature is now in its death throes and continues to shrink until it is gone.

The path is clear and nothing can stop you.

Hail yourself, the conqueror.

3. Determination

The warrior of great stamina in the dogged pursuit of realising your dreams.

We are now ready to start our journey traversing the plateau.

Keep going. Don’t give up the fight!

It burns within you, but you need to constantly stoke it in order to keep the fire burning brightly.

The intensity must be strong, strong enough to drag you and motivate you when you are weak, and pick you up and guide you when you fall. It should never be extinguished.

How can you keep the flames burning brightly within your soul?

Compose a letter to yourself, expressing your concerns about your present situation and why action needs to be taken. What will you be missing out on if you fail to act? File it somewhere safe in a folder or diary. Next, write a detailed list identifying where you are now in your life. On a separate sheet of paper, write a detailed list of everything you would love to accomplish. Place them both somewhere that you can easily see them (I put mine on my bedroom ceiling so it is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning).

The trick is to create a habit where you are constantly doing activities to achieve your goals (methinks it takes around three weeks to create a habit – that’s how long it takes me anyway!). Do something productive everyday that brings you closer to your realising dreams. It won’t be easy at first. In fact, it will probably feel like attempting a high-intensity physical work-out when you haven’t done any exercise in months and you are extremely unfit. Your muscles will be screaming at you to stop the madness and rest, but just like listening to an instructor, find your determination and let it motivate you. The more you do, the more confident you are, the happier and more satisfied you feel and the easier it becomes!

4. The knowledge that a better life is within reach

The warrior with the enchanting voice at the finish line guiding you and drawing you to your destination.

Congratulate yourself. You have already overcome great adversity and have triumphed to reach this stage!

Well done!

You hear singing. Do not fear! This voice is not from the Sirens of your past – far from it! This is from your genuine benevolent warrior with the angelic voice at the finishing line. It is cheering and guiding you on.

Your greatest fan!

Now, this warrior has provided you leeway. This warrior is wise enough to understand that there are many paths to the same destination. You have the option of whether you want to travel the direct or scenic route. Taking the former will undoubtedly get you there quicker. The latter will result in more detours but will provide you with more life experiences should you choose this route. This is perfectly fine as long as you don’t lose your way.

Keep listening for the voice.

Listen as it grows stronger the closer you approach your destination.


You have made it out of the hidey-hole alive and have become a traveller of life. Savour each new experience.

May your talisman warriors keep you travelling along your chosen path, lightly and happily.

Enjoy the journey!

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Credits: Picture by Vincenzo Di Leo

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