Escape Your Comfort Zone...

Three options will present themselves to you:

The light at the end of the hidey-hole

1. You can opt to stay there perpetually, unfulfilled and miserable (the worst option).

However, you can release yourself from this destructive mental hovel that you have created for yourself.


2. Circumstances force you out into the real world; or

3. You decide enough is enough and voluntarily leave (the best and independent option).

My escape route was the second one. I was outgrowing the hovel – it was becoming extremely claustrophobic. The gloomy walls were caving in and any chinks of light that beckoned the promise of the outside world were gradually being silted up. If I didn’t bite the bullet and bolt soon, I would be buried alive! I couldn’t let that happen.

I WOULDN’T let that happen.

Stepping out and feeling the warm sunlight on my face was liberating yet also foreign and disorientating. It seemed I had made a decisive step. But I couldn’t progress effectively without the assistance of some powerful allies. For a few fleeting seconds shame and alarm overwhelmed me – my (lack of!) treatment of them had reduced them to lethargic creatures and most were now in a deep sleep. I looked back at the ruins of my hidey-hole and that alarm and shame metamorphosised into resolution.

I would rouse the sleeping warriors from their slumber.

I would call upon these powerful talismans to aid me in my quest – and they resided deep within me. I present you with:

1. A positive mindset.

2. Courage.

3. Determination.

4. The knowledge that a better life is within reach.

These talismans are your vanguards in your pursuit of a better, happier and more fulfilled life and it is beneficial to explore each in more detail. Let’s start with…

1. A positive mindset

A master warrior and your fierce protector when you start to show loyalty to it.

In the hidey hole the mindset is a negative one. It is usually filled with feelings of deep-seated inadequacies of “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too scared”, “I don’t have enough ability”, “I don’t have enough experience”, “dreams are for other people” etc.

Used any of these for reasons why you are unable to achieve something?

The negative is the sheer dominant force and reigns supreme in your thoughts, while the positive is tinier than a speck of dust. The trick is to slay your mental dictatorship of self-tyranny and oppression and usher in your new age of positivity. Let the positivity conquer you, suffusing your whole being. This is no easy feat – you will probably have to battle with your negative side for a few months for your positive side to dominate it – but it is extremely satisfying when achieved.

Affirmations are this positive warrior’s faithful soldiers and your faithful friends when it comes to this massive shift in self-perception. I have practised affirmations for many months now and I would definitely recommend them. Try saying something positive about yourself and keep repeating it until both your conscious and subconscious self are aligned in believing it. The result? Less self-sabotage and a more confident and happier you!

Listen to positive, upbeat music that uplifts the soul – please refrain from anything miserable and negative – it is extremely counterproductive. I personally like Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. Avoid negative programmes on television as much as possible.

Try to steer clear of toxic people especially before you are about to go to sleep. The last thing you want is someone’s negative comment’s gnawing away at your progress, even more so if this technique hasn’t been fully developed. The effects can be disastrous unless you are empowered enough to create a mighty mental shield to deflect it.

Speaking of mental shields…

What is really helpful is envisioning yourself high on a beautiful plateau. Be brave, walk to its edge and stare down into the Abyss below, but not for too long – you don’t want to fall in! There you see your negative demons – they are restless and hungry to climb up and reach you, or even worse, drag you down! Purge yourself. Cast any other negative demons remaining within you into that Abyss and imagine creating a powerful force-field to prevent them from accessing your new peaceful place. Create an imaginary wand if it helps! The only way from now on is up. You need to travel up in order to travel across to reach your destination.


As for the other talismans…

Meet them in Part 3….


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Credits: Picture by Kat Robinson

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