“Today is the day!” I wished to myself. “I’m going to smash this test and pass with flying colours!”

Driving Tests And Setbacks

I didn’t. In fact, it was the complete opposite. In spectacular style.

“I am sorry to inform you that you have failed…”

I felt completely dejected. Tears pricked my eyes yet stubbornly refused to trickle down my cheeks.

Right now, as I write this, I’m trying really hard not to think that my first ever driving test was a complete waste of money (it might take another day or two to get there!). Rather, it was an experience. A grim one, which, ironically improved somewhat once I knew I had definitely failed and the pressure was now off. The thought of shelling out even more money for more lessons, to undertake yet another practical test is annoying (albeit necessary)!

It would have been glorious to have gained my full driving licence before Christmas and be driving around instead of being reliant on public transport. Never mind.

However, I have learnt a few wise lessons from this undesirable yet expected outcome:

  1. Setbacks are usually only temporary. Don’t let them ruin your whole life.
  2. Realise that mistakes are learning tools for you to grow from.
  3. Keep calm and master your emotions (easier said than done, I know). Being nervous can lead to one mistake after the next, which can ultimately snowball into a complete and utter mess.
  4. There are some things you must do when you are ready. Listen to your intuition rather than the opinions of others. Are you honestly prepared enough to successfully cope with the ordeal of (in my case, for example) a driving test, or are you running before you can properly walk? Are you driving consistently well? Would you be better postponing (like I definitely should have done – oh well)?
  5. Certain things aren’t as scary as you think.  Your perceptions can be completely skewed or false, which can end up in you just psyching yourself out, ruining the days before a test and/or fatigue due to nightmares. Driving tests go by in a blink of an eye: before you know it, you are making your way back to the test centre.
  6. Keep fighting and remain positive. Don’t let a fail mean that you finish your pursuit of whatever you would like to accomplish. Keep going until you get the desired outcome. It might only take one attempt to do this. It might even take up to 100. Let your determination and courage see you through.

Will I pass on my second test (whenever that is)? I hope so. I’ll definitely give myself a better fighting chance to transform my setback into a success. I’ll let you know what happens. 😊


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