Why can’t things be simple?

Doing the right thing can be difficult! (Man leaning on wall)

Why is the bad option nearly always the easiest and the most tempting? I can see why people are lured to the dark side!

It’s not fair.

It’s not fair at all!

The fact is, if doing the right thing was so easy, nearly everyone would be doing it. The temptation to take the easy way out is everywhere.

Healthy foods that are good for you can take ages to prepare and cook, and not taste as good as processed, ready-made, junk and fast food laden with sugar, salt and preservatives etc.

Being disciplined to lose weight takes a lot of effort, physical work and can be a lot more daunting than simply wearing some magical slimming underwear.

Studying to get the best degree classification possible requires excruciating hours of work, research, exam preparation and technique practice, when you would rather give in to partying and having a good time on university campuses.

An entrepreneur who is also working another job and has other commitments might have to forgo their usual hours of sleep, getting up an hour earlier and/or going to bed an hour later to make sure their dream of running a successful business doesn’t fall by the wayside. In addition to this, the entrepreneur will probably have to sacrifice their social life, time spent with loved ones and friends, in order to put in the necessary ground work for their business to take off and make a handsome profit. The temptation to jack in their venture to regain what they have lost in the short term (their life!) can be tantalising.

Other situations where doing the right thing is required can be like walking in a minefield (less extreme of course, but you get the picture!), stressful and an absolute thankless task. Take for example being caught in the middle of two highly polarised, conflicting and contentious viewpoints. The world around you has gone mad, and people who you know and respect well have divided into factions clawing at you to drag you to their side of the argument. It could be easy to make a tactical decision and side with the team you think will eventually emerge victorious, and leave the others to their own devices and to fend for themselves. You could also try to avoid the whole situation by running for the hills and waiting for the sorry mess to blow over or be resolved (whenever that is).

It is hard, however, to remain stubbornly impartial.

It is hard, however, to listen to both sides of the schism and acknowledge persuasive and cogent arguments from each.

It is hard, however, to diplomatically liaise with one side, knowing you will most likely be treated with contempt and suspicion by the other.

It is hard, however, to try and get opposing factions in a room to air their differences and ensure all perspectives are represented respectfully, maturely and civilly, even if it makes you unpopular.

But it is the right thing.

Doing the right thing can be difficult – it can be far from a bed of roses! You can’t please everybody. It may cost you in terms of sleep, a social life, family time, money etc. but it is so worth it!

And how do you know if you’ve done what is right?

At the end of the day, you should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and go to sleep peacefully knowing that your conscience is clear.

Sweet dreams. 🙂


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