Wind-up merchants.

Dealing With Deliberate Wind-Up Merchants

I call them mini satans. I’m not talking about the light-hearted prankster sort.  Rather, I’m describing those who are infuriatingly annoying and manipulative and attempt to drive you to the very edge of your sanity. They deliberately go out of their way to make you angry and aggressive.

Now, some will purposefully push your buttons in public. Others are sneakier and will do the prep work without an audience, so that if you do explode with rage, it looks completely out of the blue, uncalled for and without reason. Even worse, that devil will end up looking like the tragically innocent victim! Even sneakier still, some have an agenda. They might secretly covet your position, career, partner, family etc. and are priming you to fall into their wickedly scheming and devilish trap!

But you know what???

They’re not worth it.

Mini satans are definitely not worth the rent space they are occupying in your head. They should not be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the mornings and the last thing when you go to sleep. To spend time assessing their actions or getting enraged by their behaviour only ends up in giving them too much power over yourself.

They’re goading you, willing you into doing something stupid, something that will make others perceive you in a negative light. They would be more than glad to make you look bad and stark raving mad. It only takes a few seconds of hot headedness and reacting to achieve this, but the consequences of your actions can be far-reaching. Indeed, you can end up ruing the day you ever retaliated!! ☹

But you won’t give them the satisfaction, will you??? After all, are they worth:

  • losing your reputation?
  • being fired from your job?
  • losing your family and friends?
  • going to prison?

Nope, of course not!! You might initially think that your outburst would put them in their place, but it will only serve in giving them the upper hand. What’s the point in making them triumphant – do you really want to see that smug grin on their face!

Defend yourself so their ghoulish grin never has a chance to develop!!

But how?

Avoidance. Mini satans cannot have dominion over you if you are not in contact with them. Avoid them like they had the bubonic plague!! Do not meet, phone, email or communicate with them in other ways if it can be helped – your peace of mind is at stake!!

However, sometimes there is no help for it. Sometimes you must encounter that devil and do dealings with them. Shield yourself in the armour of tranquillity. Breathe and reflect before you respond to them (avoiding the trap of simply reacting) and ensure that the words that you utter from your lips are as dignified and diplomatic as you can manage.

Then, who will be smiling??


Wind-up merchants/mini satans are like trolls glutting on your emotions. Don’t feed them…STARVE THEM INSTEAD!! ?

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