It’s good to experiment!

It’s amazing. And also downright scary.  The days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, (and in some cases!) the months into years.

Boy looking out at the world

The same old, same old.

You scratch your head, plunging deep into the recesses of your mind to find the answer to a riddle…

When was the last time you attempted something new?

Was it recent? What if it wasn’t, or it was so far back you can’t even remember?

It is dangerously easy to fall into idleness and stagnation.  Before long, you are cozied up in a comfortable cell of your own making.  Did you ever make a bucket list of all the things you wanted to do before you died? Find it. Have you accomplished anything on it yet?

If you find it hard do new things on a small scale, doing them on a big scale will seem an almost impossible feat, which can hinder your progression.

But this can be rectified….with practice and an open mind.

Why limit yourself when the world is so vast and full of wonders? It is not as expensive as you might think! I love to travel and experience different cultures and places of historic interest (for me, visiting a castle or places steeped in thousands of years of history is like being a kid in a sweet shop!). But I don’t travel all of the time and I don’t always do grand.

This has never stopped me venturing into new terrain though. I’m talking about different sights, tastes and sounds. And they could be as small and simple as:

  • trying a different type of cuisine;
  • listening to a different genre of music;
  • reading a different genre of book; or
  • watching a different genre of film.

What about the things you could do locally? It is a shame that things in your local area can get overlooked. I used to be guilty of this. Some years ago, when I was in Luxor in Egypt, I expressed surprise at the fact that one the locals was not interested in visiting Karnak or Luxor Temples – places that tourists flock to in droves – even though they were virtually right on his doorstep! To which, he asked me whether I had seen most of the sights in London.

While I hadn’t at the time, I have definitely been working on it!

If you need some encouragement, take someone for company and make it truly fun! Or, if you’re confident enough (or it doesn’t bother you), go it alone.

All this writing about trying new things has got me feeling adventurous. So now, I am off to try cooking from scratch a new food, homemade donner kebab, with my sister (I hope it tastes nice!).

Small, but progression all the same.

Expand your horizons!

What new things will you try this week? Please leave your answers in the comments section.

Credits: Picture by Chandler Erisman

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