Confidence is amazing to have, though not necessarily the easiest of things to come by.

Confidence Grows With Self-Worth

Some very lucky people have tons of the stuff – for them it seems at easy as breathing. Some are born with this great superpower, whilst others have to work at it.

And I mean really work at it. I fall into this category. I am proud to say I have come a long way, though I still have some work to do.

My very early years pitifully consisted of having my head bowed, eyes permanently fixed to the ground with my back hunched over. I was a sorry sight. Being bullied because of my eczema and my birthmark didn’t help matters either.

This caused me to be painfully shy. I detested social occasions and would always try to get out of them. The passing of decades have led to a pleasing growth in my confidence. My once woeful body language has visibly improved. I have no problem looking at people straight in the eye (it’s much more pleasurable than looking at the ground anyway). Moreover, I am no longer a pushover. Far from it! In fact, I am very assertive.

However, this confidence has grown in relation to my sense of self-worth.

I no longer think badly or have a warped perception of myself. I know that with effort and determination, I can achieve anything I put my mind to. The sky is not even the limit, but just one stop on the way to success.

I have realised that my voice is just as important and valuable as anyone else’s. I am worth too much to put myself down or belittle my own efforts. I deserve not to be taken advantage of. I deserve a loving relationship with a loving partner. I deserve happiness.

Moreover, I have enough self-worth to fully and actively pursue the life I have always wanted. I respect myself far too much to languish for an extended amount of time in a job I despise. I refuse to settle any longer.

I hope you realise your self-worth too. Be mindful of how you perceive yourself – keep your thoughts positive since they will undoubtedly impact on your reality. Take time to realise how special you are and your confidence will improve.

You are worth far more than you think.

Acknowledge it.


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