It’s time to get the most, irritating, painful, tedious tasks out of the way. Checklist

Close your eyes, hold your nose, and dive in.

Assign your most miserable task as the first on your to-do list. Get the torture over early on in the day. That way, the sun will only shine brighter (for you) even when it’s really gloomy outside. After all, as the day progresses, you want to feel better about yourself and happier.

Am I right?

And proud?

Of course!

But how do you know which task is the worst? Well…make a checklist of your objectives the night before or when you first wake up. The one that fills you with the most dread, or which you’ll do anything to get out of? Yep, you’ve identified it!

Sometimes it just feels too awful to contemplate, a real deterrent to getting out of bed in the morning. You end up dragging yourself out from under your comfy duvet with a heavy, leaden heart. I used to feel like this on many occasions. So I would start with the easiest ones first, or the ones that I most liked and save the dreaded ones for last. I mean, they all had to be done, right?

This did not work.

I would fly through the first items on my to-do list and be satisfied that I had completed them. But that feeling never lasted. In fact, it would diminish as the day went on, overtaken by that ‘doom’ feeling growing in the pit of my stomach that the worst was yet to come. I would eventually tackle it late in the day, and feel exhausted and fed up by the end of it, having ruined a potentially good evening; angry with myself for not starting it earlier; or be unable to finish, protracting that wretched pain over another day.

Not the way to go.

At all.

Evenings are for you to wind down, not to be wound up!

Things had to change, and I am happier for it! If you start your most inconvenient item early, you finish it early. Start early enough and you can finish early enough to go skipping to lunch. Bosh. Done. Then do the second most inconvenient and so on and so on (I’m sure you get my drift) until it’s time to do your easiest or most pleasurable task that you’ve been looking forward to, last.

In the words of Mark Twain:

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.

Don’t prolong the pain. Promote pleasure instead!

What are your most inconvenient tasks? Do you get them done first?


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