Seriously, why do people feel the need to trample on others’ dreams…CONSTANTLY???

Dream Stompers are dangerous. Don't let them trample your dreams!

Stomp. Stomp. STOMP!

I’m not talking here about those who tell us what we don’t want to hear because they want what is best for us. I’m talking about hard-core dream stompers. The ones that rain on your parade (a deluge!) every opportunity they can possibly get.

Is it that they have a lack of faith in your ability – can you really do no right?

Are they just perpetually pessimistic?

Maybe they love to see hope and purpose driven from your eyes?

A combination of all three perhaps?

Regardless, it’s not nice. It is like water extinguishing a fire; thunder and lightning ripping through a clear sky; a piercing scream brutally interrupting a sweet melody.

Stomp. Stomp. STOMP!

It is soul-destroying and savage.

I’m sure we’ve all encountered a dream stomper at some point in our lives. And the unfortunate experience usually happens like this:

A brilliant idea has popped into your head and you don’t know why you hadn’t thought of it before (or maybe you have been thinking about it for a while). The excitement builds inside of you, almost spilling over. You can’t keep your idea secret – it wants the world to hear of your wonderful plans! You blurt it out to someone certain that they will just be as enthusiastic as you are! Their words of encouragement and wisdom will propel you to the next step of turning thoughts in action. You are on your way…

You couldn’t be any more wrong!

Except for one point, that is. They are alchemists of a sort. But not the type you want.

They are not interested in transforming fantasy into fulfillment.

No. Of course not!

They specialise in transforming fantasy into fear and failure.

They spout a list of negative statements why your notion is silly, ridiculous or impossible. The negativity rolls eloquently off of their tongues in the guise of ‘advice’. You were a happily inflated balloon and now you are a deflated balloon that’s just been viciously popped.

With zeal. In fact, the glee can gleam in their eyes! They love to glut on your gloom.

Stomp. Stomp. STOMP!

Each syllable they unfortunately utter sounds like the last rites on your dream. They drive nails deep into yet another prepared coffin you didn’t even know you had – right next to your dreams they had laid to rest before. Your dream stomper maintains a cemetery just for you!

But don’t let them squish your ambitions.

Don’t let them bury your dream.

For if it is something you are truly passionate about, your raison d’être, then it never truly dies. How can it?

Don’t let it haunt you like a hungry ghost, gnawing away at your present happiness.

Refuse to let other people judge you by their own limitations. Just because they say something cannot be done doesn’t mean that is necessarily the case. Are they you?


And if your dream oppressor hasn’t pursued their own ambitions for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean that you should follow their fate. You can move magnificent majestic mountains if you only believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone put you off of your rightful path.

You hold the power to let your dreams thrive and flourish.

It’s not time to say RIP to a dream. Pursue your passion with all your heart. You deserve to discover what you can achieve and how far you can go. And as for the dream stompers… don’t let them obstruct you by being a bothersome obstacle. Consign them to the side-lines or far away. They can watch your success from a distance!

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