Having grand visions are fantastic. They show you where you could potentially be if you have the discipline and willpower to see it through. But too often we are put off by the enormity of the quest which lies before us. Sometimes it can be easier to shove these visions in the fantasy pile, to return to only in our need to escape from reality.

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The sheer scale of the work that must be accomplished can leave you overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. You can flit from task to task like a restless fly settling on an object for a few seconds, before moving on to the next. You accomplish nothing or very little as a result.

Take, for example, my website to be launched sometime in the near future (very soon, fingers crossed!). I know exactly how I want it to look. I get so excited just thinking about it. That is, until I get stuck in and realise the eighty-plus hours I have invested into it, isn’t nearly enough to do it justice. And so grand schemes which you think would initially be manageable with hard-work and grit, seem far off in the distance, or even worse, like a mirage.

So much for dreams.

But things can be done, even if they do seem impossible.

With MORE hard-work, MORE grit and also STRATEGY.

And the strategy is this…


They do indeed go a long way.

And they are far better than taking huge uncalculated leaps and strides, only to fall flat on your face.

I constantly have to remind myself about this when the going gets long and tough, because walking away can sometimes seem extremely seductive. But we’re not going to do that are we??

Of course, not!

So here’s what I’ve learned from my many website woes with taking baby-steps:

1. Know exactly what you want to achieve

You need to be as specific as possible here. Detail each step that you would need to take in order to accomplish your objective.

2. Create manageable, realistic tasks

Using the steps that you uncovered above, divide each step into realistic and manageable tasks. This will help increase your sense of accomplishment, and encourage you to persist in your efforts.

3. Set yourself targets…

Daily and weekly tasks are recommended. Try to ensure that these tasks are doable in the time-frame set.

4. But allocate extra time…

The time period for accomplishing a target doesn’t have to be set in stone. Life and other things can get in the way and demand more of our time. Don’t worry, just lengthen the period required to complete each task. If you are a novice at what you are doing (like me and my website) it will probably take longer to achieve things. The key is to keep going, regardless. Perhaps you can complete your missed targets in the same week as your present targets in order to get back on track? Don’t make the time period an indefinite one, however, as you may find your tasks grind to a perpetual halt!

5. And prepare for setbacks

It would be nice if all things were simple, but it is not the case. Maybe you spent hours, days or weeks on something, only to realise that you have done it wrong, and need to start again (I have been here too many times over the last few weeks)? But where would the fun be if everything was simple? Where would the challenge and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles come from then? Things go wrong, it’s a fact of life. Don’t panic or throw in the towel. Be as optimistic as possible. Assess your mistakes and try again. And if it still goes wrong (like with my website woes), try some more!

6. Never forget why you want to succeed in accomplishing your goal

When things get difficult, or if you need motivation to get on with things, remember why exactly you started in the first place? How would reaching your destination make you feel? How would things improve for you? Let these feeling propel you forward.


Believe in the brilliance of baby steps. They may take longer in getting you to your destination, but if you keep going, you’ll get there in the end.

Enjoy the journey and keep smiling!


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