Don't get swept up in the crowd!!

It’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes you can feel like you’re being dragged mercilessly in an endless marathon with no way of escape. You try to look for a way out, but everyone is swarming down this horrible track with twists and turns, in front of you, behind you and to the sides of you. You are crammed as tightly as sardines, hemmed in, drifting aimlessly towards somewhere you know you don’t want to be. Your feet are tired, your breaths become harsh and laboured and you are close to collapse.

Woman running

You. Want. Off. This. Race.


Occasionally your eyes scan your surroundings in desperation in a seemingly futile task to find an escape route. Any escape route! But to change now would certainly lead to being trampled on, leading to serious injuries or worse.

I must admit, I did feel in danger of falling back into this scenario earlier on this year. Things did not seem to be going to plan, and the thought of doing what everyone else was doing, although I knew in my heart wasn’t right for me, did have a certain appeal, in the sense that it seemed the logical thing to do. If everyone else was doing it (not that they all seemed happy about it!), then why not me? So reluctantly, I left the unbeaten track that I was on, and prepared to join the others on this marathon.

On approaching the entry point, my feet started to protest but I ignored it, and in a massive attempt to quell the revolt and turmoil raging inside of me, resumed that path I had vowed to leave behind. Each step that my foot pounded on this torturous terrain made me more miserable since it was so far removed from where I wanted to be. Each day made my dream finishing line further away. My internal fire seemed to be diminishing. I couldn’t let it be reduced to mere embers.

And I couldn’t let my own finishing line become a mere speck in the distance.

With great determination and resolve, I carved a way out through the masses of swarming people and found my way back to my chosen unbeaten track.

Back to my beginning.

Back to my own race.

It is hard at the starting point, because you can still see everyone else and what they are doing so clearly. But willpower, determination, grit, and a sense of purpose will see you through. Eventually as you progress further into your own race, your confidence grows and your stamina. It feels liberating too!

Keep running your own race.

And if you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late. There is always an exit – engineer one for yourself.

Your own personal race beckons.

Don’t you want to reach your own chosen finishing line?


Credits: Picture by Marko Misic

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