Most of us would like to be successful. That is usually our dream from a very young age.

Success Road Sign

And unfortunately that’s where it usually ends.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. After all, why shouldn’t you succeed?? You have limitless potential if you only recognise it within yourself.

But what do successful people do everyday which elevates them from other mortals?

And what should you be emulating to start on the success path?

Keep reading and try these daily rituals yourself…

Successful people:

1. Rise Early

Rising early enables people to accomplish many things while their nearby world is still fast asleep. This may seem impossible to some people, particularly night owls (I’m a natural night owl so I’m still battling with this and determined to get there!!). Ways to help: no hitting snooze! Put the alarm clock on the far side of the room so you have to get out of bed and resist the temptation to climb back in for an extra few minutes. After all, minutes can turn into hours, especially on days off! And your reward? Treat yourself to a delicious and nutritious breakfast!

2. Exercise

Yes, they do actually find time to exercise! Successful people appreciate the benefits of exercise (it instils in you a sense of self-discipline, releases endorphins for a natural ‘high’, reduces stress and tension and helps you to think more clearly). It is far too easy to find excuses to omit this from the daily schedule and feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day. If possible, do it in the mornings, before work to get it out of the way. Remember:  a healthy body aids in a healthy mind and healthy spirit.

3. Plan their day

This makes them very effective. It is important to know what you intend to accomplish in a day, to get in the right frame of mind and to reduce time-wastage. It also helps in mentally allocating time periods to accomplish each task. Try writing a list of the day’s activities before you go to sleep, so you awake hitting the ground running!

4. Make time for loved ones

Successful people realise how crucial it is to surround themselves with family and friends. After all, life would be very lonely and depressing if we weren’t able to do this. It also helps you to blissfully switch off from your schedule and unwind. Be sure to make time for this whether at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in the evenings or weekends.

5. Are not afraid to say ‘NO’

Successful people know how to make themselves and their goals a priority. They have their eyes firmly fixed on the prize. This isn’t necessarily a selfish thing, but rather self-love. How many times have you helped others to progress to the detriment of leaving yourself woefully behind? Or done something to appease others when you should have been utilising that time to do something important? I have previously done both things on many occasions. Neglecting your goals will only lead to failure or huge delays in your progression. In saying ‘no’, you are affirming to yourself that you love yourself enough to see your goals and your dreams fulfilled. ‘No’ isn’t a dirty word, but if you can’t bring yourself utter it, just state that you have prior commitments. No-one can argue with that!

6. Make time for hobbies

Well, if you work hard, you should certainly play hard! Use some time in the day to do an activity that you are passionate about and helps you to escape the pressures of life, be it sport, reading, music, walking, dance, going to the cinema or others. Remember while you are working on your goals, you are supposed to have fun on the journey!

7. Read

Successful people cannot get enough of this. Reading helps the mind to remain sharp and reading on subjects related to your goals keeps you in-the-know and clued-up. They read the newspapers so they are up-to-date on current affairs, world news, politics and business news etc. Only if you know what is going on, will you be in a position to do something about it.

8. Practise gratitude

This is an excellent way to stay humble and remain positive. Keep a list of all the things that you are grateful for to keep you in high-spirits and to cheer yourself up when you are feeling blue.

9. Aim to get enough sleep

It’s obvious that you cannot perform at your peak if you are feeling half-dead. In order to be effective, you must ensure that you get enough rest. As to how much?  Well, everyone is different. Some people can feel refreshed with very little (around 4-5 hours) whilst others like me need a lot more to properly function. Remember: you want to feel terrific, not tired and in a trance!

See how you get on – good luck!!


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