I adore summer. It’s by far my most favourite season, and I always wait in eager anticipation for it. It’s such a happy and joyous time. Everyone is out and about, smiling, eating ice-creams, exploring and doing more outdoor activities.

Happy couple having fun in the summer sun at the beach

It would be nice if summer lasted forever. Endless sunshine and enough heat to work up a natural sweat!

It’s a pity it doesn’t.

And here, in England, it’s pretty much touch-and-go as to whether we get decent weather or not. Some years have been (very) disappointing, but that has never curbed my excitement.

So what is there to look forward to???

1. Sun, sun, sun!

Sunshine is such a great feeling. It reigns supreme – all hail!! You can feel the stronger intensity on your face, body and you feel energised. It also gives you a nice healthy glow. It is so uplifting to know that in this period the sun triumphs over the dark night hours. Even if you are working until 7pm or later, you can still catch some well-deserved rays and walk out into the light. See, every cloud has a silver lining!

2. Motivation to look after ourselves

Summer is the time where we try to take the best care of ourselves. It is an extremely effective motivator! Most of us are determined to look our best, and therefore try to exercise, beautify and eat right in order to look sweet! So here’s to drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, working out and those pampering rituals! Which leads nicely to…

3. Less clothing

Gosh – it is so nice to toss the coats and cardigans aside! No gloves or scarves or hats, just you and as minimal clothing as decently possible. Let your skin get sun-kissed! Have you got your summer wardrobe ready??

4. No School, College or University

Yep – they’re out for summer!! For those of you who are lucky enough to be attending these institutions, look forward to the bliss of having weeks off with significantly reduced stress levels – I know I did! Exams and coursework are done. Over! There’s free time to do what you want to do. Even if you decide to do more studying during this period, it should hopefully be more pleasurable since the workload is significantly reduced.  For those of you waiting…good luck with your exam results!

5. Exploring

Summer’s the perfect time to bring out the intrepid explorer in you. Fancy visiting a castle? A museum perhaps? Parks? Different cities? Hiking? Maybe even checking out different festivals? It’s totally up to you!

6. Meet up with friends, family etc.

Socialising in summer is particularly wonderful. You don’t have to spend your time trapped indoors. You can go to restaurants, cafes etc. and sit outdoors, have picnics or wander around aimlessly (I love wandering around aimlessly!). Some things like museums and parks are open later to give you extra hours of entertainment. Doing more things outdoors also gives you the opportunity to have more fun whilst spending less (or even no) money. Make the most of it – for this period the sun is being extremely generous!

7. Holidays

The most opportune time to travel somewhere nice and experience new places and cultures. But who says you have to go abroad? Head to the nearest beach or visit that town or city in your country or on your island that you’ve always wanted to visit. I find that visiting anywhere far enough which is purely for pleasure puts me in holiday mode. Get away from the ordinary humdrum of life, pique your interests and recharge your batteries.

So bask in the fun and embrace the summer joy!


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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