Monday is here again.

A diary showing Monday with a happy face.


Boos and hisses!

To most, it is the most hated day of the week. It’s so far removed from the next Friday and weekend that it can feel like we’ve only just entered a long dark tunnel with no light indicating the exit.

Had that doom feeling? That feeling emanating from the pit of your stomach that something awful or unpleasant is about to happen? Some people do have that sense of dread, the day before, in fact. It can even be so strong that people’s Sundays are ruined. These poor souls cannot even enjoy their last day of rest, since their minds are involuntarily catapulted into the depressing and stressful future.

They cannot enjoy their NOW.

But what if I told you, it doesn’t have to continue being this way? What if Monday could provide you with just as much of a feel-good, celebratory factor (or near enough!) as Fridays? This will probably take a lot of hard work and changing your perspective (I know it will for me!) but it is worth giving it a try, if only to make the least favourite day of the week more bearable.

So what can you do?


You can…

1. Treat yourself to a scrummy breakfast

Ever go to bed with your mouth salivating in eager anticipation of the delicious breakfast that awaits? If not, now you can. Allow yourself enough time to reward yourself with a truly scrumptious breakfast with all the trimmings. Prepare the night before if necessary.

2. Treat yourself to a Monday night takeaway

Mondays are horrific enough without having to cook as well. If you don’t have a dishwasher, cooking with the extra inconvenience of washing up just piles on the misery. Give yourself as much time to relax as possible. Find out the addresses and phone numbers of your favourite food outlets and treat yourself to some grub! If you can get it delivered, even better!

3. Catch up on your favourite programmes

You can save some of your favourite programmes for Monday evenings to watch. That way you will have something to look forward to and keep you going through an arduous day. I have saved ‘Odyssey’ to watch later on so I know I have something to be excited about!

4. Do an activity that excites you

What do you love to do? Which activity brings a smile to your face and constantly and positively preoccupies your thoughts?  Identify it and schedule it for Mondays. You’ll be eager for this day to come around!

5. Do something social

Social fun isn’t just reserved for the weekends. Meet friends; go to a wine bar, club, pub; go the cinema, theatre or concert; go on a date etc. It can give you a more upbeat start to the week.

6. Change your perspective

Monday may be an awful day, but it will be a whole week before it comes around again. That should cheer you up!


Well, those are my suggestions. I hope you find them useful.

Remember: Mondays don’t have to be torture. They can be terrific!!


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