We all get bouts of boredom. It’s a feeling that can plague you. You can feel discontented with your present, going through the motions with no joy in what you are doing.  It can make you feel miserable, as at that present moment you are aware that you are not doing anything that piques your interests.

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Nothing that floats your boat. It’s like:

  •  listening to someone drone on about something when you would rather be playing.
  •  being buried under tons of paperwork when you would rather be socialising.
  • staying in on a Saturday night in front of the TV when you’d rather hit the town and sample the nightlife.
  • being consigned to the house for days on end when you would rather be outside savouring the fresh air.

Obviously we can’t do things that interest us all the time. It is not possible! But that doesn’t mean you should just surrender to beastly boredom. Here are some things that you can do to help relieve this affliction…

1. Involve yourself more in what you are doing, however mundane it may be

Being engaged in the activity you are undertaking should help to pass the time. Try to find the positive in the boring activity. How will you benefit from it and what do you like or find tolerable about it? You never know, you might even start to enjoy it!

2. Schedule breaks

This will help you to focus and push on, knowing you have a little ‘me-time’ to look forward to. Ten minutes? Twenty? Thirty? As much as you can spare. Take a walk around the block, make a coffee, eat your favourite biscuits etc.  When you are busy doing the most life-draining tasks, completing work in sections also raises you sense of accomplishment. You might even find your task more bearable afterwards!

3. Do fun things on the weekends or on your days off

This breaks up the potential monotony of the week and also helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. Perhaps try a city break in the country you are in (a change of scenery is always good) or catch up with people you love or haven’t seen in a while.

4. Change career

If you are constantly feeling bored in the workplace, ask yourself whether the job is too repetitive, not challenging enough, or if it is right for you. Which field would you rather be in? This can be scary and also exciting. You don’t have to stay in your role forever. Admit to yourself what you want to do career-wise and go for it! After all, can a career really be boring if it is in a field you are truly passionate about and want to do?

5. Emerge from your comfort zone

Doing the same old, same old can quickly become stale. Instead of moaning that there is nothing to do, go and make something to do instead. Something that you haven’t done before, that will push on your self-imposed boundaries. Set yourself interesting challenges to overcome and revel in your progress!

6. Find your direction

If you don’t know what you want it can become hard to set goals and live life with a purpose. Figure out what you want from life, set your goals and then achieve them. You might become so engrossed with mapping your future that you simply don’t have time to be bored!


We never know how many days we have left to live. Don’t waste it in boredom!

Live, don’t languish!


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