Riiiiiiiiiiiiing! Your alarm clock has gone off.  Early. Say around 6am or earlier.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiing! Your alarm clock has gone off. Early. Say around 6am or earlier

Generally, are you ready and raring to go, or are you one of those who hit the snooze button and go back to sleep over and over and over again?

Those who are the former are usually early birds, whilst those who are the latter are predominantly night owls.

Moreover, do you love to rise early, EVEN ON YOUR DAYS OFF?? If so, you are a true early bird. Congratulations! You probably don’t have to read this.

But for those of you who do not have this status, you might want to continue reading.

This is for those of you who get up early, only because they are forced to, like having to go to work etc. For those of you who regard waking up in ‘unsociable hours’ as a punishment rather than a pleasure.

And yes, I’m still in this category, but I’m working on it!

Below are some reasons to try and attempt you (and myself!) to the early side…

1. You have a natural head-start leading to greater productivity

You get to tackle your tasks while the world around you is still tucked up in bed. Because it is so quiet at this time of day, it is easier to concentrate and focus. There is hardly anything to distract you.  You are less likely to be having phone, text, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. conversations around this time. This enables you to do more, and at a faster rate. The days that I do this, especially on the weekends, I feel very smug knowing I have accomplished much whilst the rest of the household is still asleep.

2. You have the rest of the day to yourself

You can get everything need to do out of the way. And if you start with the worst less-appealing tasks, then as the day progresses, your day can only get better. Remember, worst should be first! The rest of the day will then be yours to reward yourself for your hard work with some relaxation or fun activities! Wonderful!

3. You can witness a truly magical time of day

It is lovely watching the sky change colour, the streets come to life and wildlife rouse from its slumber and of course, the spectacular sunrise. Sunrise is my personal favourite!

4. You are less prone to being in a rush

You are far less likely to get up late and be rushing around like an idiot, trying to get to work or an appointment on time. You are less likely to be panicked, praying that the traffic flows or that the buses, trains etc. aren’t delayed and run smoothly to make up for your late rising. In fact, you can leave early and have a peaceful commute without the stress and strain.  You have a greater handle on time-management.

5. You can a greater chance of beginning the day healthily

You can dedicate more time to preparing a nutritious and delicious breakfast (no more breakfast on the go!), and even exercise before your day really gets underway. If, like for me, you find exercise a most inconvenient chore, then this is definitely a bonus! Try an early morning run or hit the gym early. Even try yoga or meditation. Whatever floats your boat!

6. You can develop greater self-discipline

If you find waking up early a herculean task, don’t give up. It can be one of the most difficult things to do. But your mind must be strong and disciplined, even when your body is screaming at you to roll over, pull that comfy duvet over your head and fall back asleep. Sleep is one of the sweetest temptations to be lured into! Yet, if you can accomplish this, you can pretty much be self-disciplined in anything you put your mind to.


You just need to start. Apparently, it takes 21 days to form a habit, so try it for 21 days straight (no cheating!) and see if you are transformed. If six in the morning or earlier just seems totally out of the question, you could perhaps, start at 7am and then gradually bring it earlier to your desired early rising time. Baby steps, although slower, still lead to the same destination.

Are you up to the challenge???

Who’s with me???


Credits: Original picture by GraphicStock

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