Do you keep a diary? A Diary

If yes, good for you!

If not, have you ever considered keeping one?

I’m not talking about blogging. I’m talking about old-fashioned writing with a paper diary and pen.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for the young to write about their crushes. Far from it! This could be one of the most precious documents you can possess.

I’ve tried on multiple occasions in the past to keep and maintain one. Each time I was unsuccessful. I managed to keep it up for around six days at most and gave up. However, this time I am ready and willing to try again.


For there are many benefits:

1. It’s very therapeutic

Keeping a diary is a really good stress reliever. It’s not healthy to keep all that negativity buzzing around in your thoughts. Writing it down helps you to confront your problems and release your anxiety, transferring it to the page. Try it – you’ll find it very relaxing!

2. It helps you to get in touch with your feelings

While you might balk at the idea of confiding in someone else, you can express yourself freely when writing in your diary and really explore how you feel about a situation. You don’t have to worry about offending anybody or hurting other people’s feelings, because it is for your eyes only.

3. You can record special occasions

Your first date? Your wedding? Birthday party? Your holiday? Capture all your happy memories in detail. Insert photos into your diary to make these momentous events even more memorable.

4. It improves your writing

The more you do it, the less you find yourself searching for words to adequately describe some event or how you are feeling. Writing becomes easier, and more enjoyable as a result.

5. You can look back at your past

It enables you to gauge just how far you have advanced, giving you the courage to continue in your pursuit for progression. You can revisit happy past events in detail with fond memories.

6. You can hand it down to your descendants

If you are okay with the notion, you can give your future generations the rare insight into your life, history and what you looked like. You give them the gift of understanding and appreciating your life’s journey.


I’d love to hear how keeping a diary has helped you! Just leave your comments below.


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