It’s that time again…unfortunately. Well, unfortunately if you are like me, that is. You witness the days are getting shorter and the climate colder. The skies are greyer and there is more rain. You have tried to deny it for as long as possible, but now it is time to face facts – summer is out.

A colder and darker days are drawing in


There are no more sweltering days and glorious sunshine left for this year. Autumn is here, and with that the promise of darker, colder and bleaker days. Pack away the shorts, summer dresses and T-shirts and bring out the duffle-coats, snow boots, wellies, gloves and scarves.


Is there any point in moaning about it though? I must admit it does get me a little depressed. I feel down just writing about it, and am resisting the urge to countdown the days until spring. But that is just wishing your life away. There’s no point in fast forwarding into the future. So, if you are like me, and the prospect of shorter, darker and colder days fill you with absolute dread and depression, what can you do to try and counteract it?

Well…you can:

1. Get up early

Try and get up as early as possible. It may seem like a cruel and unusual punishment, but if you awaken before the sun rises, then you can catch as many hours of sunlight as possible. And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is – sunrise is absolutely and beautifully breath-taking!

2. Go outdoors as much as possible

Just because it is colder and darker doesn’t mean you should just stay cooped up inside. It’s boring and unhealthy! Go and catch some sun (however weak the rays) and breathe in some nice fresh air! Take a walk, go hiking, take a stroll around a park or do some other outdoorsy activity. The choice is yours!

3. Maximise light indoors

Inside should not look doomy and gloomy people! It should look light and evoke memories of summer. And this is possible! Make sure if you have curtains or blinds, that they are drawn to make maximum light stream in through the windows. Prune trees and bushes that obscure light from the windows before the autumn properly sets in. You can even purchase phototherapy lamps that mimic sunlight to make you feel cheerful and summery.

4. Use bright colours

No dark and boring colours necessary! Get that feeling of summer continuing throughout the autumn and winter months by wearing bright and vivid colours. Add a splash of summer to your walls and décor with some gorgeous pastille colours. Add bright cushions to your sofas, bright curtains, rugs etc.

5. Engage in fun activities

There are some fun seasonal activities you can do. You can try ice-skating and (if cold enough) snowball fights, making snowmen etc. You can also continue with your usual activities (if possible) to make the darker and colder months more bearable.

I hope this helps!


Credits: Picture by GraphicStock

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