It is one of those unfortunate events that happen at some point to everyone.

Fed-up womanThe bad day.

That’s right. No one’s immune from them.

Yuck! It leaves a bad and bitter taste in the mouth. Sometimes it can feel like you have the starring role in your own personal apocalypse. But one thing is certain. You want this horrible, horrible (and yes I meant to put two!) day over.


So many things can cause it: an argument, arriving somewhere late, missing something, receiving a disappointing grade, rejection, a stressful situation, and more besides.

But you don’t have to make it last a whole day.

Here are some tips to help you flee that bad day funk…

1. Flee from the negativity!

If possible, extricate yourself from the horrid source of your woes. Find somewhere relatively peaceful where you can gather your thoughts, process what has just happened and try to calm down.

2. Watch your favourite film or TV programme/read your favourite book

Nothing depressing though! Immersing yourself in these can be exactly what you need to cheer yourself up. Reward yourself a period where you can happily forget about your troubles.

3. Listen to uplifting music

I must stress here, nothing depressing! Some music is extremely counter-productive and potentially dangerous listening to when down. Music that can make you feel melancholy when originally feeling fine, can be so spectacularly depressing when you are seriously blue, that you might end up resorting to suicidal thoughts. Not helpful so avoid like the plague! In contrast, happy music can improve your mood and elevate your spirits. So have a happy sing-along!

4. Treat yourself to your favourite food

You’ve had a trying day, so you should treat yourself to something wonderfully delicious that takes you to your happy place. Which food makes you feel that way?  Without binge-eating, simply buy or make it and tuck in. Bon appétit!

5. Talk to a friend

Contact that special person who is a true, valued friend, who is also non-judgmental and cheers you up, no matter what time of day it is. It is good to speak about your troubles with another person. Just remember to reciprocate if the time comes.

6. Meditate

This is a great method of calmly relieving stress. If you can, try meditating for 15 minutes.

7. Leave social media alone

Stay away from it. When you are in a mood, the last thing you want is to view people inflating just how wonderful their lives are. Although you can be aware that people do this just to look good and important, and it’s not necessarily an accurate depiction of their lives as a whole, it can make you end up feeling more depressed anyway.

8. Engage in your favourite activity

Immerse yourself in an activity that you love and calms you down. I find playing the piano extremely effective. Drawing? Making jewellery? Cooking? DIY? It’s up to you.

9. Do something physical

Physical activity is great for releasing tension. You don’t have to do anything too vigorous (though it may help, according to how stressed you are). Try going for a long walk, jogging, going to the gym, a dance or martial arts class etc. Shrink your stress levels, release those endorphins and improve your fitness at the same time!

10. Write in your diary

Write down everything that has befallen you during the day. This helps to put things the unfortunate events into perspective and analyse them in greater detail. Get your troubles down on paper and out of your head!

11. Scream!

Scream into a bag and then throw it away. It will help to get rid of your pent up frustrations and/or anger, and moreover, you’ll feel better for it. You have symbolically thrown your troubles away!


How do you flee your bad day funk? I’d love to know! Please leave your comments below.


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