True friends are hard to come by and are a precious gift. We may have lots of people in our social circles, or have lots of ‘friends’ on social media etc., but how many fit into this special category?

Treasure your true friends

The category that should be treasured above all categories of friendships?

The type of friend that we aspire to find and aspire to be?

Do you know how to identify these lovely people?

Let’s look at some of the marks of a true friend…

1. You trust them

You can confide in them, confident that your secrets will remain exactly that. You are comfortable telling them anything and everything.

2. They are loyal

They stick by you, don’t judge you or make snide comments behind your back. What they tell people about you is what they tell you to your face.

3. They appreciate you as you are

They accept you ‘as is’. They do not care for moulding you for their own purposes or trying to turn you into somebody else. Just being yourself is enough for them.

4. They want to see you succeed and they are happy when you do

They push you to be the best you can be. They are not interested in manipulating your downfall or deterring you from your goals. They genuinely share in your pleasure when you have achieved something.

5. They are honest with you, even if it hurts

They advise you, being courageous enough to tell you the truth. Most of the time, they are sensitive enough to be mindful in their approach, in order to spare your feelings as much as possible.

6. They make time for you

Contacting you is not a chore or something they only do when they are bored. They communicate with you regularly via phone, social media, texting, or in person etc. and love being in your company. And if for some reason there is a long period between interactions, you can pick up easily where you left off.

7. They help you remain grounded

They help you to stay humble and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. They prevent you from becoming arrogant and conceited when you become successful, especially if they knew you before the success occurred.

8. They pick you up when you are feeling down

If you are going through a sad or tough time, they are there for you, lifting your spirits and reassuring you that better times are ahead.

9. They genuinely listen to you

They really listen to what you have to say. They don’t just grunt at the appropriate times, or have the vacant glazed stare of a person who has checked out the conversation. They can remember details of what you have talked about, at a later date.

10. They can forgive

True friends have arguments and disagreements too. They don’t let these situations fester and are willing to put things aside for the sake of their friendship.


How many do you have? Do you need to start looking?

Once you find them, be sure to treasure them always. And make sure that you are one too!


Credits: Original Picture by GraphicStock

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